How to Turn ON/OFF “Critical Alerts” in iOS 12 on iPhone

As per your needs, you can choose to enable or disable Critical Alerts on your iPhone running iOS 12 on a per-app basis. Refer to this upfront guide to discover more about this new add-on!

To ensure you never miss out important notifications from specific apps related to health, home security, and public safety, iOS 12 comes with an exceptionally user-friendly feature called “Critical Alerts.” Once you have turned on Critical Alerts on your iPhone, the notifications from compatible apps will arrive with sound even when Do Not Disturb is enabled or your device is muted.

Let’s say, you are using a health app to keep track of your heart rate and have customized it to notify you about critical things. You can choose to take advantage of this feature to never let any essential alerts go out of your notice. To say the least, it can turn out to be your savior! One thing worth noting upfront is that it’s an opt-in alert feature. Therefore, you can turn on or off Critical Alerts as per your specific requirements. Let’s take a look!

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How to Disable/Enable Critical Alerts on iPhone Running iOS 12

Side Note: As of now not many apps support the opt-in alert feature. So, you may not see it in your favorite app as yet.

When you sign up in the Supported App/s, you are requested to allow the app to send you Critical Alerts. Simply tap on Allow in the pop-up and you are done. At any time, you think that it’s not needed; you can turn it off with ease.

Step #1. Launch Settings app on your iOS device.

Step #2. Now, tap on Notifications.

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Step #3. Next, find the app, which you no longer want to receive alerts from.

Step #4. Finally, turn off the switch next to Allow Critical Alerts.

Disable Critical Alerts on iPhone Running iOS 12
Image Credit: AppleInsider

That’s it!

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From now onwards, this app won’t send you notifications. Later, if you happened to change your mind, return to this setting and turn on the switch.

Signing off:

It’s a well thought out feature, and I’m sure many users are going to appreciate it. No matter how busy we are or what we are doing, many of us want to keep an eye on the necessary notifications. With this feature at the disposal, tracking the must-have alerts has become a tad easier.

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