How to Turn on Your iPhone Without Power Button

Your iPhone is almost dead and the ON/OFF button isn't responding to your press? No problem, give a try to this simple trick to restart your iPhone without needing to press the power button!

Recently, I wished to revisit my gadget storage wherein I keep all of my used iPhones. Suddenly, my eyes came face to face with the iPhone 4 that happened to be my first iPhone. Feeling a bit nostalgic, I thought of giving the old device a look. But I soon realized that the ON/OFF button was broken. And just when I thought of putting the device back in the drawer, this trick struck my and thankfully I could turn on the iPhone without needing to press the power button.

I think this nifty little feature is worth sharing. Just in case, you are dealing with a faulty sleep/wake button and unable to restart the device, this trick can come in super handy. Let me show you how it works!

How to Turn on Your iPhone Without Power Button

Assuming your iPhone is turned off and you are unable to switch it on using the power button.

  • Plug your iPhone into a computer or any other charging device using the USB cable.
  • Now, wait for a few seconds (or at least a minute).
  • Boom! Your iPhone will automatically restart.

Told you it’s pretty simple and works effectively, didn’t I? Now that you know it, do not fail to use it whenever you find your iPhone almost dead.

What if the Sleep/Wake button isn’t working properly or you want to have to use a bit more convenient way to restart your device?

You can use AssistiveTouch on your smartphone to restart your iPhone without using any physical button. Even better, you will also customize it to suit your needs better. To get started with it, head over to this complete guide.

That’s pretty much it!

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