How to Turn on Your iPhone Without Power Button

iPhone and its popularity makes it a must-have phone of the century. It is loaded with some awesome features that make your life easy – a phone that is ready to accompany you anywhere.

Loaded with so many attributes, it is essential to take utmost care of iPhone. A single drop on ground, sprinkles of water or any such thing can damage its features easily. Specially, the power button. If you are facing similar trouble or power button is locked or broken, we bring you some steps to start your device.

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How to Use iPhone and iPad With A Broken Power Button

Option 1: Here is how you can start your iPhone without power button:

  1. Attach your iPhone to USB cable.
  2. Using the cord, plug your iPhone into computer or any other charging device
  3. It will take few minutes for your iPhone to get switched on. Once, it happens, you will see screen lights with “slide bar” option
  4. Swipe this option to unlock your iPhone.

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Option 2: Here is how you can restart/reset your iPhone

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  • Swipe and unlock your iPhone
  • Tap on “Settings” icon.
  • Choose “General” option to find alternative, ‘Reset’ and tap it open
  • Slide “Reset Network Settings.” When you choose this option, the power of iPhone will drain automatically, cutting other settings like Wi-Fi network, VPN or any passwords.
  • You can plug in your iPhone into iTunes to restore your data or restart/start it.

Option 3: Use ‘Assistive Touch’ option to switch on and off your iPhone before you get it replaced.

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  • For turning on “Assistive Touch”, go to Settings.
  • Choose “General” and then “Accessibilty” option.
  • Swipe on the “Assisitive Option” to turn it on
  • You will a grey-white color icon, which can be placed anywhere
  • Now, whenever you have to switch off your iPhone, tap on this icon.
  • You will “Device” option, swipe on it and then tap on “Lock Screen.”
  • It will take you “Power off” screen mode. Slide to switch off iPhone.
  • Follow option 1 to start your iPhone.

We hope that these steps were helpful.

Dhvanesh Adhiya
Dhvanesh Adhiya is our editor-in-chief and reviewer who takes care of He is passionate for wonderful apps that change the way your iPhone interacts in your life.


  1. That’s the only thing good about shitty iPhone. If it weren’t for that I got it from my sister for free, then I would never considered it. It suck!

    – Way too much security. Ask you about it when you download a app, when you plug it in a computer. The only missing thing is that when you call someone or send them a message,
    – The auto correction suck too. Much better and easier on android. It suggest it too you, not write it for you. ^^

    There is many other things that I don’t remember now. But I would never recommend this shit. It’s not about getting use to it, because I had it for a while now and I still would choose Android phone. ^^

  2. Also, if your music is playing, (any music from any app that plays audio) on your phone, you can switch it to silent, or turn it off of silent, then your phone will reveal the lock screen. (Cause plugging your phone into a power source can get very annoying :)

  3. I have a problem with turning on my iPhone 4 with broken power button. I have done as requested by charging directly to source, the apple logo appears and it is fully charged but I cannot get to front screen where my apps are. The logo remains but won’t move on to next stages

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