How to Turn on Camera Grid in iOS 7 – Quick Tip for iPhone Photographers

If you follow the rule of thirds while you click pictures, the “grid” comes in handy. In older versions of iOS, the grid could be enabled from the Camera (Options button).

In iOS 7, Apple has placed the switch within Settings. Here’s how you can enable the grid in iOS 7’s Camera app so that you can capture picture-perfect photos.


  • Open the Settings app
  • Scroll down and tap on Photos & Camera
  • Under CAMERA, turn on Grid.

The Grid works for both the Photo mode and the Square mode on the camera. Obviously, no grid for videos and slo-mo (on iPhone 5s).

In iOS 6, the grid was available as a switch from the “Options” button in the Camera app. This made it easy to turn on/off the grid without having to leave the Camera screen. I’m not sure why Apple had to change this but it has something to do with the entire interface revamp. There is no “Options” button in the camera interface.

The new interface aims to be less distracting and provide more room for the picture. The flash button is tucked on the left corner and the front/rear camera toggle on the right. Of the options, only the HDR toggle remains and that is placed at the bottom, right above the shutter.

With the revamp, Apple has also brought filters to the camera app. Real-time filters in iPhone are interesting to use.

If you are like me, you’d prefer the grid too within the Camera app instead of in Settings. Nevertheless, seeing as there’s no way to change the feature now, I think we’ll have to make do with what’s available.