How to Enable Automatic Software Update on iPhone and iPad

Slightly hidden under the wraps is the option to turn on Automatic software update in iOS 13 on iPhone and iPad. That means you no longer need to manually hit the trigger every time Apple releases updates for iOS!

I have really welcomed this well thought out feature. Many a time, I want my iPhone to jump onto the latest iOS update as soon as it’s out. With the option to turn on automatic update, I will be able to seamlessly download the new version of the operating system. What about you?

How to Turn ON Automatic Software Update in iOS 13 and iPadOS

Step #1. Launch the Setting app on your iOS device → Tap on General.

Tap on Settings then General in iOS 12

Step #2. Next, tap on Software Update.

Tap on Software Update in iPhone or iPad Settings

Step #3. Next up, your device will check for the updates. Tap on Automatic Updates and then turn on the switch for it.

Turn On Automatic Software Update in iOS 12 on iPhone or iPad

Going forward, as soon as the new iOS version is released, it will be automatically downloaded on your device. Of course, your iPhone needs to be connected to Wi-Fi and it must have at least 50% battery to be able to get into the action.

Turn OFF Automatic Software Update in iOS 13 and iPadOS

Some users prefer to wait for a few days to find out how an iOS update works. And once they discover that it’s worth going for the upgrade, they give the latest version of the OS a shot on their device. It’s really a smart way to avoid encountering issues.

Besides, if you are a pro user, you may want to update your device at your own pace so that your testing doesn’t come to a halt. As we all know that Apple stops signing the previous version of the OS just after a few days of the release of the latest one, it would be apt for them to disable the auto updates.

Step #1. Open Settings app → Go to General → Tap on Software Update.

Step #2. Now, tap on Automatic Updates and turn it off.

Disable Automatic Software Update in iOS 12 on iPhone or iPad

That’s it!

Your device won’t be updated without your permission.

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As I like exploring new features as and when they are out in the wild, I’m going to use it on my secondary device. What about you?

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