How to Turn off the Annoying Unread Count on Mail app Icons in iOS 7.x?

Following up on our post about getting rid of annoying badges on the App Store icon (that show how many apps are awaiting an update), here’s a similar how-to. This one’s about disabling the badges on the Mail app icon which is famous for the large numbers on its badge.

Note: this is a super simple, beginner-level how-to. Feel free to skip it if you know how to turn off badge notifications.

How to Turn off the Annoying Unread Count on Mail app Icons in iOS 7.x

You might be using the stock Mail app or a specific email app like Gmail, Mailbox etc. The process is the same for every app. If you find that the badges are annoying or disturbing the aesthetics of the homescreen/dock, here’s what you need to do.

The badges are part of the notification system. These can be disabled/enabled from the Notification Center settings. Here’s what you have to do:

  • Open Settings
  • Tap on Notification Center
  • Scroll down and tap on the mail app you use (this could be the stock Mail app or Gmail or any other app that you use)
  • Turn off the switch for Badge App Icon
  • Done!

Turning off Unread Count on Mail app Icons in iOS 7-x

When you close the settings app, you’ll find that any badge icon on the mail app is now gone. You will still receive emails depending on the Push/Fetch schedule that you have set. You will still be able to get notification alerts as Banner notifs or on the lockscreen depending on how you have configured that. But you’ll never see the badge.

Inbox Zero is tough. Many people have a lot of unread emails in the inbox. All these show up as a blaring white number on a red background on the homescreen icon. Every time you look at the homescreen, you are reminded of this unread count.

With a simple switch, you can turn off the badge and have just the icon on homescreen.