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Turn Off Notification Sound in Facebook Messenger App on iPhone [How-to]

It’s frustrating when your Facebook keeps humming all the time while you chat with your loved ones. Even I, sometimes get annoyed with such sounds and vibrations when chatting with my friends. Be it a group chat or individual chat, the beeps are always on.

To fix this issue, today I am going to share a simple trick through which you can easily turn off the sounds and even the vibration when you receive new notification during chats.

You might have tried the oldest of the methods to turn off the sounds like navigating to settings and changing the default notifications options in its Messenger settings. I thought of getting out of the frustrating sounds by changing the general settings in my iPhone, but guess what? The sounds were still ON when I received a new notification while chatting from the Facebook messenger.

Due to this, I tried to explore more from the Facebook Messenger settings itself. And I finally got a solution for the same.

How to Stop the Messenger App’s Notification Sound During Chat on iPhone

I can understand that when you are in a personal meeting or in the office, you don’t want others to know that you are using the Facebook Messenger. It is quite obvious that at your office or a place where such things are not allowed, you can’t switch on to the chat box; else the sounds will buzz all around. To avoid such circumstances, you need to follow the simple trick given by me in today’s tutorial. By the way, you can also try some other methods to avoid Facebook Messenger totally to chat with your friends in a hassle free way.

So here’s what you need to change in the Facebook Messenger settings to avoid the humming during the chats:

Step #1. Launch the Messenger App on your iPhone.

Open Facebook Messenger App on iPhone

Step #2. Tap on Home → Tap on Profile Icon.

Tap on Home Then Profile Icon in Messenger App on iPhone

Step #3. Tap on Notifications.

Tap on Notifications in Messenger App on iPhone

Step #4. Three options will be available; Do Not Disturb, Show Previews and Notifications in Messenger → Tap on Notifications in Messenger.

Tap on Notifications in Messenger in Messenger App on iPhone

Step #5. Toggle the Sound and Vibrate options to off mode to avoid notification sound/vibrations during the chats.

Turn Off Notifications Sound in Messenger App on iPhone

If you want your device to vibrate on receiving the notifications, you can toggle it to on. And if you are not at all interested to receive notifications during chats, you can simply tap on the Mute and toggle it to ON. By this, you will not receive a single notification in your chat messenger.

So these are some simple steps that you need to follow and viola!

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