I was surprised that people are actually looking to disable the low-battery alert on their iPhones and iPads. But then, I know from experience that it's annoying to get that 20% battery alert when all I actually need is a 10% low battery alert.

NoLowPowerAlert is a Cydia tweak for users who'd prefer no alerts for low battery. Ideally, this is only useful if you keep an eye on the battery (which is easy because the battery indicator turns red once it hits 20%).

The Low Battery alert is designed to catch all your attention and plug the iPhone in before it runs out of juice. So technically, the way the UX is designed is right. When your iPhone is running low on battery, it needs to grab your attention, stop you from all other things that you are doing on the iPhone and make you plug it to a charger.

How to Turn off iPhone Low Battery Warning on iOS 7

Incidentally though, when you get that warning message, whatever you were doing on the iPhone gets stopped. Talk about clicking a good picture and just when you are about to capture a wonderful frame, this message pops up. Bam. Gone.

The same can happen when you are playing a game, editing a photo, on a FaceTime call etc.

NoLowPowerAlert is an option-less tweak that disables all low battery warning messages. Arguably, that's a less-than-ideal solution because getting a low-battery warning at 10% (or 5%) is useful (and important) because not everyone has their eyes set on the battery indicator.

But one thing it does is it prevents the low battery warning from disturbing your gameplay or whatever activity you're doing on the iPhone. The tweak disables all low battery warning messages.

I'd wish that it had some option like a custom battery percentage when the low battery warning would be shown. For the moment, NoLowPowerAlert has nothing to configure. It's just install-and-go tweak.

NoLowPowerAlert is free on the BigBoss.

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