Your smartphone tracks your locations by triangulating GPS coordinates. This information is not new. What is scary is when someone/something tracks and records your movements. It has come to light that the iPhone running iOS 7 is capable of doing this.

In fact, your iPhone will silently record your movements to keep a history of your locations. Of course, Apple makes this seem harmless because all data is clearly visible, erasable and the feature itself can be disabled with a switch.

Obviously, you don't have to worry because you can turn off the ability in iOS 7. Oh just to be sure: this “frequent places” tracking happens only in iOS7. At least, explicitly.

Turn Off Frequent Locations Tracking in iOS 7

For the adventurous who run iOS 7 beta, here's how to turn off the feature:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on Privacy
  • Now tap on Locations
  • Scroll down to System Services. Tap on it.
  • Tap on Frequent Locations.
  • You should see a switch for ‘Frequent Locations'. Turn this off.

iOS 7 Frequent Locations

What this primarily does is disables the iPhone from keeping track of the locations you've been to. As an aside joke, people suspecting their partner's movements have got a powerful weapon now.

Alternatively, you can also completely turn off locations to disable everything but that would be pointless if you're using maps, weather and other location-dependent app.

Smartphones, including the iPhone, do track your location for a variety of reasons. Location tracking can help you locate a misplaced iPhone/iDevice through Find My iPhone. Location tracking also helps in many features that iOS 7 brings including “popular near me”, traffic data on maps etc. I'm not familiar with Android beyond ICS but keeping a track of your locations does sound like Big Brother. However, folks assure that it's to enhance the location-based decision-making capability of iOS in general.

Not sure about that but glad to be able to switch it off.

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  • lost

    Hi, my wife has been tracking me for sometime and occasionally find my Iphone has me turning up places at slightly later times to what time actually I arrive, can you help me with why this occurs