How to Turn Off Frequent Locations Tracking in iOS 9 on iPhone/iPad

You'll need to disable frequent location service in iOS 9 in order to restrict your iPhone and iPad from tracking the places you visit. Do it now for the sake of your privacy.

Apple has been delivering outstanding updates on iOS devices. Every new update brings some of the other attractive features to help users make their lives easy. We had already covered an iOS 7 update long time back that tracked each and every place you visit. The feature is a clear violation of privacy as every place you visit is stored on your iPhone and iPad.

The same feature is still exist in iOS 9 and you might be surprised that this feature is turned ON by default. So if you have got your hands on the new iPhone or iPad recently, then Apple knows where have you been and for how long have you been. In case you are concerned about you privacy, follow the guide given below to disable this feature.

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How to Turn Off Frequent Locations Tracking on iPhone-iPad

How to Turn Off Frequent Locations Tracking on iPhone/iPad Running iOS 9

Step #1. Launch the Settings app from your home screen → Tap on Privacy.

Tap on Settings Then Privacy on iPhone

Step #2. The very first option is “Location Services“, tap on it.

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Tap on Location Services on iPhone

Step #3. Now scroll all the way to bottom and tap on “System Services“.

Tap on System Services on iPhone

Step #4. You get the list of system services. From the list, tap on “Frequent Locations“.

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Tap on Frequent Locations in iPhone System Services

Step #5. Toggle OFF “Frequent Locations“.

Turn Off Frequent Locations Tracking on iPhone

That’s it, your iPhone or iPad will stop tracking the places you visit. According to Apple, this service is included to provide you accurate location-related information. This certainly might be useful for some but at the same time, it is a serious concern of privacy.

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