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Dropbox updated its iOS app recently. There are quite a few important changes but the most visible are:

  • An interface overhaul that's subtle and nea
  • A new camera upload feature

The interface is quite cool and simple, in keeping with the simplicity of the web interface. Most of the stuff is familiar here down to the colors that the devs have chosen. When you configure the app for the first time, you'll be asked to choose if you want to enable the new Camera Upload feature.

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The changes are good but there is a problem. When you open Dropbox app and link your account, it will automatically start uploading the photos from your camera roll to a new folder called Camera Uploads in your Dropbox account. Now, if you've got a lot of photos – all HD – that's going to be a lot of space, which is not good if you have a small amount of space in your Dropbox folder.

For me, it's not good at all. I keep some important files in my Dropbox and I don't want to use up precious space with all those photos on my iPhone. So the first thing I was looking for was to turn off this automatic camera upload thing. The good guys at Dropbox make it pretty easy to turn it off.

Here's how to disable automatic photos upload in Dropbox on iPhone / iPad:

Step 1: Open Dropbox

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Step 2: Tap the Settings gear icon (bottom right)Disable Automatic Photo Upload in Dropbox on iPhoneStep 3: Now, tap on the “Camera Upload” option

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Developer: Dhvanesh Adhiya
Price: Free+

Step 4: Turn the switch to OFF

Turn Off Automatic Photo Upload in Dropbox on iPhone

That's it. Dropbox will now stop automatic syncing of photos from your camera album.

Below is a quick video tutorial showing how to disable auto upload feature:

More recently, the other company that did this thing was Facebook which enabled automatic photo uploads to your account right from your album. I don't know about you but I'd prefer if there was more control over that feature. In fact, it sounds logical and better to be able to share photos manually rather than have them uploaded directly.

Dropbox, while it stays private (the Camera Uploads folder is private by default), has one other pitfall. If you're using a limited-bandwidth connection (and take a ton of photos), the photo upload in Dropbox will hurt your bandwidth as well as the storage space available in your Dropbox account.

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So turn the feature off if you are really not sure about how useful it will be to you.

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Dhvanesh Adhiya is our editor-in-chief and reviewer who takes care of iGeeksBlog.com. He is passionate for wonderful apps that change the way your iPhone interacts in your life.

  • Brian Page

    All my photos are in Tiff format, so I can’t use them in many sharing, attachment, ad applications because they need to be jpegs. I’m so frustrated with this dropbox it’s driving me nuts. I don’t have dropbox listed anywhere on my iphone, so I can’t go into settings and disable it. I wouldn’t mind it syncing my pictures as long as they are jpegs. Does anyone know how to make sure Dropbox uploads my pictures as jpegs, not Tiffs?

  • Maria

    Not working at all. All different menus, options, and there is not a way to do it. I tried everything. You should update your tutorial to the new version because users of this version are still frustrated. Pity to get all this Google love for nothing.

  • rob frost

    I like how much restraint the author uses in pointing out what Dropbox is doing here.
    I was infuriated to find Dropbox automatically uploading all my photo’s from my devices WITHOUT EVEN ASKING ME. That was the last straw for me – I don’t use Dropbox anymore.

  • Nevalti

    Thanks Chandra BUT… it still tries to sync EVERY TIME I plug my iPhone into my PC. Each and every time, I click on ‘NEVER FOR THIS DEVICE’ but it just does not learn. In ‘Control Panel > Autoplay’ I have set ALL my devices to ‘TAKE NO ACTION’ but to no avail. This is getting very annoying!

    • Christos Ziongos

      I have the same issue. It wasn’t happening a couple of days ago, it just started asking to sync.

      EDIT: A complete re-install of the desktop application did the trick for me. I set all options and settings that had to do with automatic uploading, both on the phone and the desktop app, to “off” and that was it. I hope this helps.

      • Er.. this issue is different from the one mentioned in the article. We
        face the problem too and trying to find a solution. We’ll write about it
        as soon as we find a solution. :)

      • Nevalti

        I just tried resetting the phone and it made no difference. It still tries ti upload to Dropbox every time I connect the phone. Any other ideas? Anyone?

  • Michael Warkentin

    Very helpful! Thanks!