There are number of instances when you create a Wifi zone by using your mobile hotspot for your laptop or tablet; but have you ever done the opposite? I mean to say, have you ever turned your Mac into a Wi-fi hotspot.

You may face a situation when you have to create a Wifi hotspot on your Mac so that you can use internet on your iPhone; this could happen when your home Wi-fi doesn't work or the place where you are offers only Ethernet connection; or if you are at such a place, where Wifi signal is poor.

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How to Turn Mac Into a Wifi Hotspot

In such situations you can use internet on your mobile or tablet by turning your Mac into a Wi-fi hotspot. Here is a simple method you can use and create Wifi hotspot on your Mac.

How to Turn Your Mac into a Wi-fi Hotspot

Step #1. Click on System Preferences.

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Click on System Preference in Mac

Step #2. Now click on Sharing option.

Click on Sharing Option from Mac System Preferences

Step #3. Click on Internet Sharing from the Service column on left → Click on “Share your connection from”. A drop-down menu will appear with a few options → Click on your Ethernet port (If you are using the latest Mac, it would be Thunderbolt Ethernet).

Click on Internet Sharing and Click on Ethernet in Mac

Step #4. Now click on Wifi from the list of ports mentioned adjacent to “To computers using”.

Click on Wifi Ports in Mac

Step #5. Below the list of ports, there is a button named “Wi-fi Options”. Click on the button.

A dialog box opens: Configure an internet-sharing network.

Wifi Configuration Options in Mac

Step #6. Give a name to your Wi-fi hotspot, which is commonly called SSID. Fill up other options like Channel, Security, Password and Verify.

Enter WPA2 Password in Mac Wifi

Step #9. Click on OK button.

This action will take you back to the Sharing window.

Step #10. Click on the Check Box before Internet Sharing option from the list of Service mentioned on left.

A dialog box will ask you to confirm: Are you sure you want to turn on Internet sharing?

Step #11. Click on Start button and Wi-fi hotspot will start on your Mac.

Internet Sharing Dialog Box in Mac

Creating a Wi-fi hotspot on your Mac can be beneficial especially when a Wi-fi network gives poor signal or any property you living offers only wired Ethernet connection.

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