BlackBerry is trying make a huge comeback with its Z10, running the BlackBerry 10 OS. It’s a huge step forward for the troubled Research In Motion (which has now renamed itself as ‘BlackBerry’). And in its efforts to promote their new mobile operating system, the folks want you to try out the BlackBerry 10 on your iPhone (or Android or any other smartphone with a mobile browser).

How to Try BlackBerry 10 On Your iPhone:

  • Open Safari / Chrome on your iPhone
  • Navigate to
  • Enjoy

That’s about all you need to do.

The BB 10 Experience:

First off, let’s start from where BlackBerry 10 starts. When you go to that website on your iPhone, you’re actually taken to a guided tour – a short one, nevertheless. It’s not like you’re going to view a live version of the new OS but it’s more of a guided tour. I was put off by this but it must be because I went in with some expectations of a real-time experience like the one you have on Canonical’s Ubuntu live-website.

Nevertheless, you should check it out. It’s pretty interesting if not very impressive.

How To Get BlackBerry 10 OS On iPhone

So What’s Really Interesting About BB 10?

1). BlackBerry Hub: BlackBerry is tooting its “Hub” and frankly, this is a neat feature that puts all the things that require your attention under one roof. The BlackBerry Hub can be configured so that it lists things that are of your preference. Email, BBM, Calendar events, schedules and notifications from across the board – everything’s in one place so you don’t have to throw yourself on all the apps.

2). BBM Video with Screen Share: BBM’s got Video which is not exactly a huge feature. There’s FaceTime on iPhone and a plethora of apps for Android. But what BlackBerry has done smartly is to integrate into it a feature where you can share your screen through BlackBerry Flow. I don’t mean to say that you can’t do that on the iPhone or Android (although I am now picking my brain to think of an app that would do that) but it’s a different thing  when the whole thing comes built-in with BlackBerry.

3). Time Shift: A Smart Camera Feature: Oh this is interesting really. The camera is supposedly featuring a new Time Shift feature which lets you pick the best frame of your photo. The tour just gives a tiny glimpse of what the feature is capable of but it would be really interesting to check that out.

So, what do you think?