iOS 7.1.1: Unable to Update, Troubleshooting Issues and More

We wrote about iOS 7.1.1 this morning. The minor update comes with a small but important change to TouchID so that iPhone 5s users will see a faster TouchID recognition when they unlock their iPhones. Besides this, there are a few bug fixes, notably one of keyboard responsiveness that has been a pain in the back for a few users.

There are two specific reasons to update to iOS 7.1.1. If you are an iPhone 5s user and have faced TouchID issues somewhat frequently, the update is helpful. And if you are an iPhone/iPad user facing a sluggish on-screen keypad where keys get stuck when you tap them, the update should possibly bring some relief. But not everything goes according to plan. What if you hit roadblocks when you try to update?

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We noticed that some users are facing a variety of issues when trying to update to iOS 7.1.1. Issues like:

First things first. OTA update is cool and is designed to be an easy method but we still recommend updating through iTunes if you can. No big difference but in OTA, the iPhone has to download the files to its own space and then process the installation on its own. More chances of running into space-issues, power-drain and the likes. With an update-through-iTunes, you prevent all that.

Just to run through the basics:

  • Connect your iPhone to the computer
  • Fire up iTunes and let it backup your iPhone
  • Click on Check for Update and proceed with the update process.

Stuck during the update? Here’s a checklist:

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  • Make sure Wi-fi/network is ON. And stable.
  • Make sure the cables are fine and not loosely connected. Most importantly, plug the cable to the USB port without having any USB hubs in-between.
  • Make sure your iPhone is not choked full: have a lot of free space by clearing out apps you don’t use, data that is no longer required or stuff that you have elsewhere.
  • Jailbroken on iOS 7.0.x? Backup and do a full-restore instead of trying to update. We recommend that you backup and erase all content & settings on the iPhone before you proceed.
  • Update is too slow? It could be because a lot of users are clogging the servers (happens usually at the time of a major upgrade). Wait before trying again.

Resetting TouchID

For iPhone 5s users: although you don’t need to change anything with TouchID, it is best that you reset all the fingerprints you have stored up for TouchID. One of the major changes in iOS 7.1.1 is that it includes algorithm that does multiple scans every time you calibrate your fingerprint. This helps the software predict potential errors and thus compensate for the same.

The benefit is that TouchID won’t “degrade” over time (a common problem faced by many iPhone 5s users). Two, it’s going to be faster – as already witnessed by a lot of iPhone 5s users.

So once you upgrade to iOS 7.1.1, upgrade your fingerprint calibration too. (Here’s how to add a fingerprint to TouchID)

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In-App Purchases

Here’s a minor change that forms a part of measures that Apple is taking to prevent in-app purchase mishaps: in iOS 7.1.1, App Store will indicate if an app that is listed as “FREE” has in-app purchases. You’ll see “In-App Purchase” right under the “FREE” (button) if an app has in-app purchases. Most FREE apps are mostly demo-like, that require an IAP to unlock all the features.

Battery Life: Good, Bad, Same?

The iOS 7.1.1 upgrade was not meant to have any impact on the battery although there are noticeable performance upgrades. iPhone 4, for instance, seems to have picked up speed. We can’t be sure of the impact on battery (partly because the update is only a day old) but we do hope that the battery performance stays intact.

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The other major UX-based change has been an improvement in keyboard responsiveness. If there has been a lag before, iOS 7.1.1 should fix it. But in case that doesn’t do the trick, don’t forget to try this one to fix a sluggish keyboard.

Dhvanesh Adhiya
Dhvanesh Adhiya is the founder and editor-in-chief who takes care of audio, visual, and textual contents uploaded on He is passionate about wonderful apps that change the way your iPhone interacts in your life.
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