How to Transfer Siri Shortcuts from an Old iPhone to the New iPhone

One of the drawbacks of Siri Shortcuts is you cannot sync them on your new iPhone even if you are using the same Apple ID. So how to transfer all your shortcuts from your old iPhone to a new one? Check the solution here.

With Siri Shortcuts introduced in iOS 12, Apple is all set to give your thumbs and fingers rest for good. This is what every iPhone user feels as of now. For any action you had been performing on your device with fingers, now there might be a shortcut.

However, this Shortcuts app has a bug Apple needs to fix immediately or in its next software update. Even as you are using the same Apple ID, you cannot transfer the Siri Shortcuts from an old iPhone to your new device.

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After creating 20 odd Siri Shortcuts on iPhone X, how difficult it is to recreate all those shortcuts on your iPhone Xs?

This happens as Siri Shortcuts don’t sync with your Apple ID. As mentioned above, Apple has yet to roll out a solution. Given Apple’s close-knit ecosystem, this should not be the issue for iPhone users. Until Apple comes up with a solution, you can try this workaround to import all your shortcuts from old iPhone to the new piece.

How to Export Siri Shortcuts from Old iPhone to New iPhone Using AirDrop

Step #1. Launch Siri Shortcuts app on your old iPhone.

Launch Siri Shortcuts app on iPhone

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Step #2. Now tap on three dots appear on the upper right corner of a shortcut tab.

Tap on three dots of a shortcut which you need to Transfer

Step #3. Next, tap on the Share button, which is next to shortcut run icon.

Tap on Share icon in Shortcut on iPhone

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Step #4. A share sheet will swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone screen.

The first row in share sheet will show AirDrop targets (iOS and Mac devices being operated near you and connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your device is).

You need to select your new iPhone from the AirDrop targets.

Select the another iPhone in AirDrop from Share Sheet

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A pop-up asks you to create an iCloud link. Just tap on the Share button.

Tap on Share to Transfer Siri Shortcut from iPhone to iPhone

Step #6. On your new iPhone, you will receive a prompt that reads: “Contact name” would like to share 1 “Shortcuts” link.

There are two options: Decline and Accept. Tap on Accept button and another prompt ask you to get that shortcut. Finally, tap on Get Shortcut.

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Tap on Accept and Get Shortcut to Add Shortcut on iPhone

The shortcut link will be stored in the Shortcuts app in your new iPhone.

The only disadvantage of this method is that you have to follow the above method to send each shortcut from the old iPhone to the new one.

That’s all!

Summing up…

Shortcuts app is still in its nascent stage, therefore, Apple has scope to improve its functions in the future. Until Apple fixes this issue, you have to employ this tiresome method of sending each shortcut using AirDrop.

Want to know more about Siri Shortcuts?

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