How to Transfer Purchased Music from one iPhone to Another iPhone

You’ve purchased a lot of music from your iPhone and you want to transfer this to your iPod Touch or an iPad (or any other iDevice). But how do you do that?

iTunes, with its built-in smartness, makes it easy to get all your purchased music on your computer easily. Once you achieve this, it will no longer be hard to get them synced to the other device. Here’s how we do that:

You’ll need:

  • A PC with iTunes (updated version)
  • iPhone
  • Another iOS device

Get Started to transfer purchased music from one iPhone to another iPhone:

Step 1: Plug-in your first device from which you want to transfer the music. Note that you can only transfer music that you’ve “purchased.” To transfer music that you ripped or downloaded from elsewhere, you’ll need to use something like iExplorer.

Step 2: Now, open iTunes. For a familiar interface, go to View -> Show Sidebar

Step 3: When your device is connected, iTunes recognizes it and shows the name of the device on the sidebar. Right click on the device name and you should see a context menu.

Step 4: Click on ‘Transfer Purchases’

TransferPurchased Music Between iOS Devices with iTunes

Step 5: In the next dialog box, click on ‘Transfer’

Step 6: All content (app and music) will be transferred to iTunes now. Wait till that gets over.

Step 7: After this gets over, disconnect your iPhone from the computer.

Get them back to another iOS device:

Once you’ve done that, things get relatively easy now. All you do is sync back.

Step 1: Connect the other device to your computer

Step 2: Once iTunes recognizes the device, click on the device (this opens the Info tab)

Step 3: If you’ve enabled Auto sync, iTunes will automatically sync all content to this iDevice and the music gets synced automatically.

Step 4: Click on ‘Music’ in the menu bar on top

Transfer Purchased Music from iPhone to Another iPhone

Step 5: Choose the required options and click ‘Apply’ for the sync to happen

This should transfer purchases from your iPhone to your other iDevice (iPhone/iPad or iPod Touch). Note that you’ll also have a copy of the music on your iTunes so just in case you need a backup, you’ve got one on your Mac/PC.