Transfer Photos From Computer to iPhone Without iTunes [How-to]

Earlier, we have wrote about how to transfer photos from Mac/PC to iPhone with iTunes. Here, we have explored a few other ways to transfer or import photos from computer to iPhone without iTunes. As a true Apple lover, it is difficult to bypass the need of iTunes, but believe me friends, these methods can be way far easier and time-saving too.

How to Transfer Photos From Computer to iPhone Without iTunes

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#1. Dropbox

Every smartphone user knows about Dropbox and hence, there is no point in eulogizing its benefits. In one of my how-to information, I have already mentioned the significance of Dropbox in saving and deleting photos imported to iPhone from PC/Mac. In a way, it was a short-cut to bypass the long route of using iTunes to delete photos from your iPhone.

Coming back to the current information, I would bring it to your knowledge that Dropbox can be a better option if the size of your photo folder is less than 2GB in size. Apart from photos, you can also save other documents in Dropbox. Before you save any content, please ensure that you have Dropbox on your Computer/Mac and on iPhone too.

Once your photos saved on Dropbox in iPhone, you can save those photos in your Camera Roll, from where you can easily edit them.

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#2. Email

Email could be one of the easiest ways to transfer photos from your PC/Mac to iPhone. Simply create a folder on your computer and add photographs you want in your iPhone; zip the folder. Now send a mail to yourself with a zip folder as attachment. Or if you are using two email ids, use one from your computer to send photos to another email on your iPhone. Make sure that you have synced one email id on your iPhone. Open email id on your iPhone and download the folder of photos.

#3. Google Photos

First off, you need Google Photos on your iPhone, so download this app from App Store on your iPhone. Google Photos is another cool tool to download photos from your computer/Mac to iPhone. But before you download your photos to your iPhone, you need to upload photos from your computer to Google Photos.

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How to Upload Photos to Google Photos from Mac/PC

Step #1. Log in to Google Photos with your Gmail ID from your computer.

Step #2. From the home page of Google Photos, click on Upload icon.Click on Upload Icon in Google PhotosStep #3. Upload multiple photos OR zip folder on Google Photos & Create Album(s).

Once you upload photos/album, you can use your iPhone to download the same photos or album.

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Step #1. Launch Google Photos app on iPhone.

Step #2. Tap on the Menu from the left.Tap on the Menu from the left in Google Photos iPhone AppStep #3. Tap on Collections.Tap on Collections in Google Photos iPhone AppYou can see all your photos and albums.

Step #4. Scroll down to the album you want to download and Tap on that album.

Step #5. Now tap on vertical ellipsis on the top right.

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A menu will swipe up from the bottom

Step #6. Tap on Select.Select Photos in Google Photos iPhone AppStep #7. Now tap on Share button seen beside the Add (+) button.Tap On Share Sheet in Google Photos iPhone AppTwo horizontal menus will swipe up.

Step #8. Tap on Save Images.Save Photos from Google Photos iPhone AppAll the selected images will be saved in Photos app on your iPhone.

#4. Facebook

Facebook is arguably one of the leading social media today. People are hooked to this app 24×7 via computer and smartphones. I hope you have downloaded this app on your iPhone. Apart from status updates, people vehemently share photos, videos and music files with one another. You can use this medium to transfer photos from your computer to iPhone. First upload photos on Facebook and then download the same on your iPhone. Isn’t it simple? But of course, a bit time-consuming.

To download the Facebook photos on your iPhone, you need to open Facebook app on your iPhone.

How to Download Photos from Facebook on your iPhone

Step #1. Open Facebook app on your iPhone.

Step #2. Tap on More seen on the bottom right.Tap More in Facebook iPhone AppStep #3. Now tap on Photos. Now, you will land on Photos of You screen.Tap on Photos Option in iPhone Facebook AppStep #4. Tap on Albums. Tap on Album in Facebook App on iPhoneStep #5. Tap on an album you want to download.

Facebook app doesn’t allow you to download multiple photos, and therefore, you have to tap on each photo from the album and save to your iPhone.

Step #6. Tap on a photo.

Step #7. Press your finger on the photograph.

A menu will swipe up on the screen with options: Delete Photo, Make Profile Picture, Save Photo, Share, Send in Messenger and Cancel.

Step #8: Tap on Save Photo.Save Facebook Photo to iPhoneThis will save your photos on your iPhone Photos app. Please note that Facebook doesn’t allow the user to select & download multiple photos or entire folder on your iPhone.

Apart from above methods there is yet another smart way to import photos from computer is AnyTrans software.

There might be other ways to import, transfer or download photos from computer/Mac to iPhone; share with us in comments.

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