How to Transfer Notes from Evernote to Notes App in Mac OS X

Stop using third-party Evernote to save your content; now you can transfer all your notes from Evernote to Apple Notes by following a few simple steps.

Any Apple aficionado would like to use applications designed and developed by Apple. In the presence of default apps, nobody would like to install any third-party app. Evernote is one of the most favorite writing apps for iOS users. But against this, Apple has its Notes app. Moreover, in the latest iOS versions, Apple has launched some useful updates to enhance the performance of Notes app. This has inspired many iPhone and iPad users to move from third-party writing apps to Notes.

While moving from a third-party app like Evernote to Apple Notes app, you need to go through some procedure. We have listed a few steps to migrate your notes and content from Evernote to Apple Notes. Please note that migration doesn’t work on iPhone or iPad directly; you need to migrate all notes first on your Mac, and then you can integrate the same notes in the entire Apple eco-system.

How to Transfer Notes from Evernote to Notes On Mac

Before you start migrating notes, make sure that your Mac is running on the latest OS X El Capitan (10.11.4 or later). It goes without saying that you have Evernote on your Mac with a few notes generated; and Notes on your Mac. The last one is a default app on your Mac, but you need to ensure that you are signed in with your iCloud account and using iCloud Drive for the best experience.

How To Move Notes From Evernote To Mac Notes

Step #1. Launch Evernote on your Mac.

Step #2. Log in with your current ID and password.

Sign Into EverNote Account

Once all your notes are synced, you can choose which notes you want to migrate to Apple Notes app. You can view all your notes in different notebooks together.

Step #3. If you wish to migrate all notes at a single go, click on Edit button → Now click on “Select All” to choose all the notes for migration.

Click Select All in Evernote on Mac

Please note that Evernote includes some notes of its own, and therefore, you should better select notes individually by holding Command key and click each note. As an option, you can see your notes in separate collections by clicking the “Notebooks” section on the left. This allows you to select which collections you want to migrate. Keep in mind that you can choose only one notebook at a time.

Step #4. Click on “File” at the top of your screen while you are in Evernote → Click “Export Notes.”

Click Export Notes in Evernote on Mac

A dialog box – Export Selected Notes – will appear on the screen with some options like Save As, Tags, Where, Format, etc. You can give a proper name to the notes and then select a location to save your notes. Also, choose the file format.

Step #5. Click on “Save” button. A dialog box will appear again.

Click Export Notes in Evernote on Mac

Step #6. Click “OK.”

Transfer Evernote Notes to Mac

Now confirm that your notes are saved on the desktop or any other location you have chosen during the process. You can now close Evernote app and open Notes app.

Step #7. Click on “File” from the top of the screen.

Step #8. From the drop-down menu, click on Import Notes.

Click on Import Notes in Mac Notes App

A new window will appear on your Mac screen. Now you can choose the file format you exported a while ago.

Step #9. Click the “Import” button.

The process to import notes will be initiated. Remember that the imported notes may look different in the Notes app on your Mac.

Step #10. Click on “Import Notes” to move ahead.

If there is any technical glitch in your system, rest assured that your data is safe in Evernote. Your notes are now migrated to the newly created location and folder. Once the process is finished, you can check everything is in place.

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