Apple has brought Photo Library with its latest OS X update 10.10.3. Unlike the iPhoto Library, Photos app has more user-friendly features to let you manage your photos in an all new way. The best of part is that the Photo Library is almost identical to that of iOS 8’s in terms of functionality.

With the arrival of new Photos app, iPhone Library doesn’t have much significance left with it. Moreover, it can no longer be even found in the Mac App Store. In other words, Apple has decided to leave it behind in order to provide a more useful Photos app for users. If you have updated your Mac to OS X 10.10.3, you’d like to migrate all your photos from iPhoto Library to Photo Library. Here is the quickest way you can do so. Let’s take a look!How to Transfer iPhoto Library to Photos App on Mac OS X YosemiteNote: Before going further, make sure to delete duplicate files and update any Meta data if you want in your iPhoto Library. Once you have pruned your iPhoto Library, close it out.

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How to Transfer iPhoto Library to Photos App on Mac OS X Yosemite

Step #1. Click on Finder and Go to your Pictures folder.Click on Pictures from Finder in Mac OS X YosemiteStep #2. You’ll see Photos Library and iPhoto Library. Open Photos Library and make sure there is nothing inside. Now, delete the Photos Library as usually to prevent it from creating multiple files.

iPhoto and Photos Library Option in Pictures Folder in Mac OS X

Deleted Photos Popup in Mac OS XStep #3. Next up, open Photos app from the dock.

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Step #4. The menu would suggest that the system can’t find Photo Library. Ignore the suggestion and click on Open Other.

Step #5. Select iPhoto Library and then click on Choose Library.

Wait for a while until all your photos have been imported to the new Photos app.

That’s all! If you want to check out whether photos have been imported from iPhoto or not, launch Photos app and ensure it’s all done perfectly.

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You can still use iPhoto Library but its data can’t be automatically stored in iCloud. If you click on it now, it tells you that all your Photos have been migrated to Photos app.

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You can remove iPhoto Library, if you don’t find any significance in keeping it on your device. Though I am not going to get rid of it right now, I won’t keep it for far too long either. What do you think? Are you going to remove it soon?