How to Transfer iCloud Contacts to Google on Mac

Worried about your contacts while shifting your device, no need to worry!! Here's how you can easily transfer your iCloud contacts to Google in a simple manner while ensuring that you do not miss any contact.

At times, we may need to contact someone out of the blue and it becomes an issue when that contact goes missing. Which is why it is important to correctly transfer your iCloud contacts to Google so that no contact goes missing; whether you are switching devices or creating a back-up.

Undoubtedly, contacts in our devices are amidst the most important things for us. The first thing we do when we meet someone new professionally or personally, is to ask for their contact details. This often works as the first step of forming a comrade, that in turn, helps you at various junctions in your life. So, don’t take a chance with your contacts, especially when importing/exporting them is this simple.

How to Import iCloud Contacts to Google on Mac

Before we move on to the steps, it is important to make sure that all your contacts are synced with iCloud. Another advisable step is to merge duplicate contacts, so that the contacts transferred are streamlined.

Step #1. Open Contacts app on your macOS.

Open Contacts App on Mac

Step #2. Select All iCloud or All Contacts from the side bar to display all the contacts you want to copy.

Choose All iCloud Option in Contacts App on Mac

Step #3. Click on any contact and press Command (⌘) + A to select all contacts.

Select Contact in macOS Contacts App

Step #4. Click on the File Menu in Contacts.

Click on Files in macOS Contacts App Menu

Step #5. Select Export from the drop down menu. And, click on Export vCard from the options.

Choose Export vCard Option from Exports in Contacts App's File Menu

Step #6. Name the file and select the location, then click on Save to save all iCloud contacts.

Click on Save to Export All iCloud Contacts in Preferred Location on Mac

Note: if you are not using a macOS, then open in your browser. Login with your Apple ID and export all contacts by selecting Export vCard from the Settings section on the bottom left corner.

Step #7. Now open Safari or any other browser and open Click on Google Apps tab.

Click on Google Apps Tab in macOS Safari on Mac

Step #8. Select Contacts from the drop down menu.

Select Contacts in Google Apps List in Safari on Mac

Step #9. In the Contacts window, select Import from the bottom left menu.

Click on Import in Google's Contact Menu on Mac

Step #10. Click on Select file from the pop-up window.

Click on Select File to Import iCloud Contacts to Google in Safari on Mac

Step #11. Select the file saved in step #5 and click on Choose.

Click on Choose to Select File and Transfer iCloud Contacts to Google in Safari on Mac

Step #12. Click on Import to initiate the transfer.

Click on Import to Transfer Contacts from iCloud to Google in Safari on Mac

It may take a few seconds to transfer depending upon the the size of the contact file.

Importing Contacts from iCloud to Google on Mac

Once done, all the contacts will be listed in the window.

Don’t worry be happy!!

Hope I could help you with this tutorial. In case you face any issue, feel free to contact us for help in the comment section below.

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