How to Transfer Contacts from BlackBerry to iPhone 6s/6s Plus [Basic Tips]

If you are a BlackBerry user and want to switch to iPhone, you need to transfer all contacts, photos, music, video and more from BlackBerry to iPhone. We have dealt with two easy methods for you.

Gone are the days when transferring contacts and other details from one mobile to another was a headache. Now, with smartphones galore, moving data from one device to another is just a click away or a tap away.

Recently many BlackBerry users have been asking questions regarding transferring of data from BlackBerry to iPhone; especially from BlackBerry 10 to iPhone 6. Seems that a large number of BlackBerry consumers have shunned their loyalty to the brand and now they are migrating to the new terrain of iOS.

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Transfer BlackBerry Contacts to iPhone

For some, it is like back to good old days as they must have switched to BlackBerry for a while and now they want to log back in iPhone. In any case, they can use this information to transfer contacts and other data from their BlackBerry phones to iPhone.

Sometime back, we had dealt with this how-to and offered some solutions like third-party apps and softwares, and CarDAV. Now, there are other methods, which are more convenient.

How to Transfer Contacts from BlackBerry to iPhone Using Mac Or PC

First off, you need to download BlackBerry Desktop software for Mac, which can be downloaded from this link. If you don’t have a Mac, you can download a PC version of the same software. Once you download the software, connect your BlackBerry to your Mac and open the software.

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Step #1. Click on Device.

Step #2. Now click on Backup and take BlackBerry backup.

Step #3. Connect your iPhone with Mac.

Step #4. Open iTunes.

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Step #5. Scroll down and click on Info.

Step #6. Now tick the box next to “Sync Contacts”.

When you connect your iPhone with Mac in future, your contacts will sync with iPhone. There is another way to transfer your BlackBerry contacts to iPhone.

How to Transfer Contacts from BlackBerry to iPhone Using BlackBerry Link

If the above method fails to give any result, you can go for BlackBerry Link. Many BlackBerry users use this link regularly, and for them, it is quite easy to import all data through iTunes. If you don’t use Link, we suggest you to download the link.

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Step #1. Connect your BlackBerry to computer via USB.

Step #2. Launch BlackBerry Link.

On left navigation in your Mac, you can see Contacts/Calendars.

Step #3. Click on Contacts/Calendars.

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Step #4. On the right side of screen, click Set Up Contact Syncing or Set Up Calendar Syncing.

Step #5. Now choose Outlook, Windows or Mac Contacts from drop-down menu.

Step #6. Click OK.

Repeat the procedure from Step #3 for Calendar Syncing.

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Finally, in pop-up window, click Confirm to begin the procedure.

In the same way, you can also transfer Music, pictures and videos through BlackBerry Link, if you haven’t backed up the data to iTunes.

Step #1. Connect your BlackBerry through USB.

Step #2. Click on a tab located at the bottom of your BlackBerry phone.

Step #3. Click on the gear on top right.

Ensure that Computer Import Folders are checking the same directory as your iTunes music, pictures, and video libraries. Also check that all content types you want to transfer are ticked off under the device tab.

Step #4. Finally, click Back Up Now.

If you want to avoid the above-mentioned four steps, you can copy your content files from your BlackBerry smartphone to Mac or PC. This is quite simple; keep the connection between your BlackBerry and Mac or PC, and open file explorer on computer. Navigate the content, i.e. pictures, videos, music directories on BlackBerry SD card (normally, users store such content on SD card; however, you can check the separate device storage). Now copy the directories and paste them on your computer. From your computer’s folder, you can easily sync with iTunes.

Once the content is synced with iTunes, you can easily transfer your music, photos and videos to iPhone via iTunes.

Apart from above two methods, if you want to use an app, you can use IntouchApp Contacts, which is the best free iPhone app for contact transfer, sync and management.

If there is any other method in your knowledge, please share with us in comment, on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

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