Do you know that you can train your iPhone X Face ID to recognize different facial expressions? The facial recognition technology is smart enough to pick up certain expressions.

Though Face ID has some limitations and can’t recognize out-of-the-box facial changes, it does work pretty well in learning some cool changes. So, if you wish to unlock your iPhone X with particular expressions like resting your hands on the chin, head over to make train it.

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How to Train iPhone X Face ID

How to Train iPhone X Face ID to Recognize Different Facial Expressions

  • Face ID can learn minor changes to your face. However, it has some limitations and won’t be able to recognize certain facial changes.
  • It won’t identify your face if you are wearing a scarf, which has completely covered your face.
  • Likewise, it won’t work, if you cover your nose with your hand.

Step #1. First off, raise your device to unlock it with Face ID using a certain expression. For instance, you can close one eye and make a funny expression.

Step #2. Most likely, Face ID may not be able to unlock your iPhone. If it fails to recognize your face, swipe up from the bottom of the locked screen.

Face ID will try to verify your face again when you swipe up. Just in case, the facial recognition fails to identify your face, enter your passcode.

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Enter Passcode to Train iPhone X Face ID

Step #3. Now, lock your iPhone X and use the same facial expression to unlock your device.

Train Face ID of iPhone X

Voila! Face ID will now be able to unlock your device as it will remember the facial expression with which you had tried to unlock your device earlier.

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That’s it!

Wrap up:

What’s been your experience with Face ID so far? Share your thought in the comments below.

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