How to Track Your Child’s Smartphone Remotely?

review of spyic parental control software

In our busy and tech-savvy schedules, smartphones have become a necessity. However, they are also a threat to your Childs’ safety, growth, and grooming. The best way to balance both the child’s needs and security is to monitor their activities via parental control apps. Spyic is a popular iOS and Android compatible software that can track your Kid’s phone without them knowing. Let’s get into our detailed review to know more about it.

Spyic – Remote Child’s Smartphone Tracker

A trusted name in the remote monitoring sector, Spyic offers a pretty comprehensive solution. With multiple features under its umbrella, the software can help you track and monitor your kid’s iOS or Android devices.

Though we recommend keeping full-transparency between the kids and yourself, this could help you do covert surveillance.

What Exactly Can Spyic Do?

From calls to social media, Spyic manages to incorporate almost all aspects you’ll wish to monitor for your child’s safety and security.


Track all incoming and outgoing calls from a device along with their call duration. Also check timestamps, most dialed numbers, & the number of calls made.

track incoming and outgoing calls from smartphone using spyic parental control software

SMS & iMessage

Whether an SMS, iMessage, or even a deleted message, Spyic can give you access to all. View the timestamp for each message, MMS media files & the contact details of the sender/receiver, including their pictures.

monitor sms, imessages and deleted messages with spyic parental control software

Location & Geo-Fencing

With Spyic, you can check the present and past GPS-and-Wi-Fi-based locations. Thanks to the timestamps, you can track moments as well. When in a dilemma, you can also see addresses and geographical coordinates.

As an extension of the location feature, you can also set up virtual Geofence perimeters on the map. Receive alerts when kids enter the marked zone or leave it.

check location and geographical coordinates of device with spyic monitoring software

Browser History

Keep note of sites your child visits and restrict certain if you wish. The section neatly organizes the visited websites, with sections including URL, Title, Visit frequency, Last visit time, and Bookmark.

monitor browsing history of device using spyic parental control software


Whether for fun or for other reasons, the child can name a contact differently. Keep yourself on top of any such situation and access their full contact list in just one click.

check contact list of child's device using spyic monitoring software

Photos & Videos

A very-very important aspect of your child’s phone; pictures can be very damaging, especially personal & private ones. While it is essential to educate your child not to click, share, or entertain such images, keeping an eye out for them can be helpful.

Spyic keeps track of all the images and videos on your child’s device. It even detected the screenshots we took while testing this service.

use spyic software to keep track of images and videos on child's device


Does your child have an age-inappropriate or ill-advised app? Check it with a glance at all the apps your child has downloaded.

monitor apps downloaded on kid's device with spyic parental control software

Social Media

The pressure point of today’s teens… Most can’t survive without it and care too much about their virtual image. Plus, this could be the gateway to cyberbullying, so it wise to keep an eye and stop them from being bullied or bullying someone.

Spyic includes support for almost all major social media channels including

  • Facebook and Messenger
  • Snapchat
  • Instagram
  • Viber
  • WhatsApp
  • LINE

Keylogger (only for Android)

A smart way to know what’s going on with your child. The Keylogger keeps track of everything that has been typed on the device, including chats and login credentials for social media apps as well.

use keylogger to keeps track of everything typed on your child's android device using spyic software

How to Track Your Child’s iPhone or Android

The best part about Spyic is that it doesn’t require Root or Jailbreak to operate. It innovatively embraces both the iOS and Android environments. For Android, it comes as less than 2 MB app that quietly works in the background.

There are no notifications or noticeable battery drain. And if you decide to hide, it will not even be listed in the installed apps. As for the iPhone, there is no app; you’ll have to enter the iCloud ID and password of your child’s device to enable the monitoring.

hide spyic application on android device

Further, Spyic sports an easy to use web-based interface, so there no app on your smartphone as well. When you log in to Spyic, you see a dashboard, and that’s it all the information is literally on your finger-tips. Here’s a quick preview on how the app works.

sign in to spyic and proceed to settings on android device

How to Activate Spyic on your Child’s Device?

Simply start by signing up on Spyic’s website. Select the package that suits you and make the payments. Upon payment confirmation, login to the account and follow the on-screen instruction and add the device.

The method may vary from device to device, so read and follow the instruction carefully.

How to Monitor a Smartphone Using Spyic? 

The easiest step of all, open the website, login to your account, and access the Dashboard. You’ll see the device information; most called contacts, Last know location, most recent messages, and phone activities.

How Can It Help the Child and Parent?

The World Wide Web and all things Internet is a great place for learning, exploring, meeting people and staying in contact. But there tons of risk involved, such as bullying, ill-intentioned friends, inappropriate content, peer pressure, and whatnot.

And stopping or restricting your child from using the phone or the internet is not going to resolve the issue. On the contrary, it might encourage them to do it behind your back.

The best way to keep a sticky situation at bay is to maintain an open channel of conversation and to keep an eye on their activities. Spyic can enable you to monitor and save your child from the big evil world out there.

Note: We encourage you to respect your child’s privacy and not keep them in the dark about the app. Spyic developers also feature a disclaimer regarding this on their website. “The law generally requires you to notify users/ owners of the device that it is being monitored. The violation of this requirement could result in severe monetary and criminal penalties imposed on the violator.”

Final Verdict

Spyic delivers what it promises, and you could track almost every moment and action of your child. As claimed by the developers, the interface is pretty easy to use even for a non-tech-savvy parent.

The Android version ran smoothly; I could quite easily track and monitor my consented colleague. However, the iPhone counterpart is not as smooth due to iOS’s strict privacy regulations. We’ve had a word with the developer, and they are indeed working to make it better.

Along with monitoring a child, Spyic, and the wide variety of its tool can also be used for employee surveillance.


1-Month License: $99.991-Month License: $49.991-Month License: $399.99
3-Month License: $199.993-Month License: $79.993-Month License: $699.99
12-Month License: $399.9912-Month License: $129.9912-Month License: $999.99
1-Month License: $39.991-Month License: $49.9912-Month License: $69.99
3-Month License: $59.993-Month License: $69.9912-Month License: $99.99
12-Month License: $69.9912-Month License: $99.9912-Month License: $199.99

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