How to Track Sleep Using Apple Watch With Sleep++ Apple Watch App

Tracking your sleep using Apple Watch is now made easy. Thanks to Sleep++ app. It’s quite simple to use it and above all, it is completely free. So have a look at the details.

Apple Watch isn’t merely to see the time or get the notifications. It is small but indeed very smart to help you with almost everything. The Apple Watch can help you with finance, health, social connectivity, and much more. Most of us charge our Apple Watch while we are sleeping, but if you want your little gadget to work while you are sleeping, then it is even possible. Yes, Apple Watch can track your sleep as well.

There isn’t any native app on Apple Watch to do this job, but there are always third-party apps for everything. One of such apps is Sleep++ available on App Store, completely free. The app is good with iPhone, but it is best when installed on an Apple Watch.

Track Your Sleep Using Apple Watch With Sleep++ Apple Watch App

After you install the app on Apple Watch, all you’ll need to do is to launch the app before you are going to sleep and tap the button to begin tracking your sleep. When you wake up, you’ll need to tap the button again to stop tracking. You can then track the status of your sleeping habits from the data collected by Sleep++.

Track Sleep With Apple Watch

The new update has brought many new features, but the best one is the support for HealthKit. Earlier, many users using the app were unhappy because of no support to integrate data in Health app, but the things have changed now. You can easily sync your Sleep++ data into Health app for better analysis.

Sleep++ Apple Watch to Track Sleep

The only limitation of tracking sleep is that you won’t be able to charge your Apple Watch while you are asleep. But you can easily do it after you wake up, as most of us need a couple of hours to get ready. A couple of hours are more than sufficient for Apple Watch to provide you enough juice to carry on throughout the day.

The app is surely of great advantage if you like to get the most out of your Apple Watch. As mentioned earlier, the app is completely free, but with few ads. You can opt-out from the ads by paying $1.99, in case you find them intrusive.

Price: Free
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