Santa Tracker : Best apps to track Santa live on iPhone, iPad, or Mac

How to Track Santa Claus on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Where is Santa right now? Come Christmas, kids begin to ask this question in anticipation of gifts. A neat way to keep them occupied and entertained is to track Saint Nick & his sleigh. Thanks to these apps & websites, you can track Santa Claus’s journey from the North Pole on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

1. Track Santa Claus with Google

Santa Tracker by Google for iPad iPhone and Mac

The Santa Tracker by Google not only tracks the journey but also shares the distance between your location and Santa. And not just for the 24th, the site has activities and content to keep your kids busy throughout December.

It boasts educational games for the young ones, from coding, Elf Maker to holiday traditions quiz. Moreover, the site is well-optimized, so it works flawlessly on the iPhone as well.

Google Santa Tracker Website

2. NORAD Tracks Santa

Track Santa Claus with NORAD on iPhone iPad and Mac

For the 65th year in a row, the North American Aerospace Defense Command will help kids & adults track Santa’s Yuletide journey. All you have to do is visit Norad’s website or the app on 24 December.

NORAD allows you to see where Santa is, his next destination, places he’s visited so far, how soon he’ll get there, and how many presents he’s delivered.

If you wish, you can visit earlier and explore a whole gamut of specially curated holiday-themed games, movies, music, and more for kids.

What’s more?

You can also view a live stream of Google/NORAD Santa Tracking from 24 December evening on YouTube; just set a reminder for this video.

Download NORAD App

3. Message from Santa!

Message from Santa Tracker app for iPhone and iPad

A must-try Christmas app for all parents.

Along with tracking Santa’s progress, you can hear the reindeer’s names, check North Pole’s weather forecast, and count down to Christmas.

Additionally, the kids can send Santa a voicemail or text and receive a callback. In the personalized call or video message, Mr. Claus will know the kids’ names, hobbies, interests, and whether they were naughty or nice this year. It’s quite convincing!

Price: Free (In-app purchases)


Bonus: While we found Message from Santa more appealing, you can also try the Speak to Santa app to track and receive a call from Santa.

4. Santa Tracker – Track Santa

Santa Tracker Christmas App for iPhone and iPad

A toddler-special Santa tracking app with cute graphics and an easy-to-use interface. Kids can not only check Santa’s route on Christmas Eve but also see what Saint Nick is up to at all times.

Whether he is shopping for Christmas Gifts or checking in on the reindeer, they can track his every move. Plus, to ensure Santa’s arrival, the child can see and accurately plot their house on the map.

Price: Free (In-app purchases)


5. Santa Tracker and Status Check

Santa Status Check App for iPhone and iPad

If your kids are a fan of sci-fi or spy-inspired films or shows, this will be the perfect app for them. It takes a greenish scan kind of approach on tracking Mr. Claus.

It also shows Santa’s daily regime, how many cookies, milk, and calories he consumed. I particularly enjoy the Countdown that counts the sleep left till Christmas.

Price: Free (In-app purchases)


Merry Christmas!!

While all options are great, I particularly enjoy Google and Norad’s website for tracking Santa. For one, they provide more fun activities to keep the child’s excitement and spirit high.

What other games or activities do you plan for the holiday season to engross your child? Share your selection with us in the comment section!

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