How to Track Santa Claus on iPhone, iPad, and Mac?

December-2018 is the month of celebrations. Since Christmas falls this month, kids are excited about Santa Claus. They want to know the location of Santa Claus as they are keen to get gifts from the white-bearded saint. You can track Santa Claus on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac by following detailed guide.

Where is Santa? Come Christmas and kids begin to ask this question to their parents. Clueless, parents have to coax their cranky kids with other toys and gifts. Not anymore. By using Santa trackers, you can find and show Santa’s location to your kids. If you have an iOS device, check this tutorial to track Santa Claus on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

On Christmas Eve, Santa begins his trip from the North Pole on his celebrated sleigh to deliver gifts. Kids impatiently wait for their gifts and keep pestering parents with that single question: when does Santa come? Now you can show them Santa’s journey on your iOS devices or Mac.

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How to Track Santa Claus on iPhone, iPad, and Mac?

NORAD and Google have already taken this initiative to track Santa before Christmas. NORAD is North American Aerospace Defense Command, and every year, this organization keeps a track on the annual journey of Saint Nicholas.

Google dedicated an entire website to this festival and launched a website – – for you.

Track Santa with Google

You can visit Google’s Santa tracker website and explore a number of activities to keep your kids busy (at least, they won’t ask you about Santa and their gifts). On December 21, you can follow Santa’s journey around the globe.

Track Santa with Google

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The Santa Tracker keeps you happily occupied as it shows the distance between Santa and your location. From where Santa is to his next destination, this tracker website gives you access to Santa’s Village, where you can play games and watch videos.

Parents, who are keen to educate their kids and nurture cognitive abilities in them, must visit Santa Tracker for Educators. In this section, you will find a repository of learning resources like PDFs and videos on geography, computer science, language, and social studies.

Once on this site, children may forget about Santa and like to delve into the world of holiday traditions, code lab, translations, Santa’s Canvas, Map Quiz and more.

Apart from the Santa Tracker website, you can check Santa’s whereabouts on your mobile phone. Open Google Maps app on your iPhone or iPad and search for “Santa Claus.”

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There is one more way to check where Santa is. For this purpose, update your Google Maps app on your iOS device. Go to Settings from the top left corner. Then tap on Location sharing option.

Santa is sharing his location in Google Map Apps on December 24

Make sure you follow the above steps on the eve of Christmas, i.e., December 24.

NORADSanta Tracker 2018

As mentioned above, NORAD is tracking the journey of Santa, who takes off from the North Pole. Visit NORAD’s website and you can explore a whole gamut of features like Games, Movies, Music, Library and more.

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Use NORAD to Track Santa Claus

Want to receive a call from Santa?

Perhaps your kids would love to listen to Santa’s voice. Download A Call From Santa! app on your iPhone or iPad and Santa will call your kids to know their name, age, and some personal hobbies/interests.

‎Message from Santa! iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

This app also allows your kids to send Santa a voicemail; probably they would send him a wish list. You can track Santa’s progress from the app.

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If your child doesn’t want to leave a voicemail, ask them to write a text message to Santa Claus by using A Call From Santa!

Santa Video Call & Tracker

Like the above app, this one too lets you send and receive calls and text messages to Santa. Download Santa Video Call & Tracker and browse exciting features on the app.

‎Santa Video Call & Tracker iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

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Spoiler: Use Naughty Nice Scanner; this tells you if the person you scanned is naughty or nice.

Merry Christmas…

Christmas is time to celebrate a family reunion. During the wintry days and nights, come close to each other and feel the warmth of the relationship. Happy times are incomplete without shopping and buying gifts.

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