How to Track and Manage Apple Card Daily Cash Rewards

Eager to know how much daily cash rewards you've earned by using your Apple Card? Here's a detailed guide on how to track and manage your Apple Card daily cash rewards! Read on to know more!

To be in the cut-throat competition, Apple had to offer something special and it does offer with all the protection and security that comes with an Apple Card. Besides that, the Apple Card daily cash rewards was something that got my attention. While many banks may charge for using a credit card, Apple gives a certain amount as cash rewards. 

You can easily redeem the daily cash rewards as credits to your Apple Card statement or you can directly transfer them to your bank account within a fraction of seconds! Once you start shopping by using your Apple Card, it’s important that you keep a track of expenses and manage the cash rewards as well. So let’s see how you can track and manage Apple Card daily cash rewards on your iPhone. 

How to Track and Manage Apple Cash Daily Cash Rewards

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How to View Each Transaction Cashback Rewards for Apple Card

To view how much cashback you’ve got for each transaction you do from your Apple Card, here’s what you need to on your iPhone. 

Step #1. Open your Wallet App on iPhone and tap on the Apple Cash Card

Step #2. Head over to the Latest Transactions option and you’ll now be able to see daily cash rewards. 

Step #3. Now tap on a particular transaction from the list and you’ll see an icon of ‘$‘ under the transaction. That indicates the total amount which is received as Apple Card cash rewards per transaction. 

So this is how simple it is to view each transaction cashback rewards for Apple Card. Now that you’ve earned some amount as cashback, it’s important that you redeem the cashback as credits to your Apple Card or simply transfer it to your bank account at a glance!

How to Transfer Apple Card Cashback Rewards to Your Bank Account

Step #1. Launch Wallet App on your iPhone and tap on the Apple Cash Card. 

Step #2. Now tap on Latest Transactions and you’ll see daily cash rewards of your account.

Step #3. Next, tap on More info icon in Wallet Appmore button on the upper-right corner and tap on Transfer to Bank.

It’s that easy to transfer the Apple Card cashback rewards directly to your bank account.

How Much You Can Earn Per Transaction in Apple Card Cashback

Apple has made it very clear about the cashback terms in which it explains how much you can earn per transaction. Here’s what you need to know!

  • You can now get 3% cashback when you buy any product of Apple from Apple Store, the App Store, iTunes or from It includes in-app purchases, Apple Music subscription, games and iCloud storage plan purchases as well. 
  • Get 2% cashback rewards when you purchase using your Apple Pay. Be it Target, Walgreens or any other store, you’ll get 2% cashback in every category without any limitations or hidden things. 
  • Meanwhile, if you use your titanium Apple Card at any store, websites or any app that doesn’t accept Apple Pay, you can still get 1% cashback. 

So this is all you must know before you make transactions by using your Apple Pay or Apple Card. If you still have any queries regarding the cashback earned per transaction, you can comment down below and our experts will get back to you within no time. 

Summing Up…

I hope it will now be easier to track and manage the Apple Card daily cash rewards. If you still face any difficulties in using your Apple Card or couldn’t understand any features, you can read the posts below. 

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