How to Track Flight with iOS 9 & El Capitan’s Hidden Tool

iOS 9 and El Capitan take users by surprise as the two systems have a cool feature hidden inside. Users can check flight details by using Notes, built-in Mail app and Messages app. Read on to know how.

For frequent fliers and their family & friends, here is good news if you are using iOS 9 on your iPhone, iPad, and El Capitan on Mac. If you wonder how come iOS and El Capitan are related to flights, you need to read the entire information first.

Apple seems to have thrown many surprises for its users. One such is that you can track flights with iOS 9 and El Capitan’s secret tool hidden in your devices. Now, this is something interesting for everyone.

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How to Track Flight using iPhone or iPad

Even if you are reading this information for fun, you need to have a genuine flight name and number to check whether or not this magic happens on your iOS devices and Mac.

I personally checked Air India’s flight 946 to ascertain the fact. And I was surprised to know that my iPhone 6 flashed details like destinations, time of departure and arrival, terminals and map.

There are three ways you can check flight details; if you have got the details on your built-in Mail app, you can click or tap in your Mac and iPhone to check flight details. Similarly, you can check flight info if you receive flight name and number on your Messages app; moreover, you can type in flight information in Notes.

While you are typing the flight detail follow the format: Air India #946. So first, write the flight name and then number followed by hash. To check the flight details, just keep your finger pressed on that Flight number; a menu will pop up from the bottom of the screen asking you to select Preview Flight or Copy. Tap on Preview Flight, and you can see a map with two destinations between which the flight travels.

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Track Flight Details in iOS 9 on iPhoneTrack Flight Status on iPhone in iOS 9

Below the map, tap or click on the destination, and you will get a closer look at the place on the map. The map on your screen is not just a static image; you can swipe or drag-and-drop to check surrounding areas of two destinations.

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