How to Toggle Night Mode in Tweetbot 4 iPhone App

Check out this quick tip to quickly toggle between day and night modes in Tweetbot 4 iPhone app. The new feature includes support of swipe gesture for easy access.

Tweetbot 4 is a full feature iOS app, widely used by users for tweeting from their iPhone. Surprisingly, the app is much better than Twitter’s official app itself. There are many tiny tweaks that has made Tweetbot 4 one of the favorite apps.

One of such features of Tweetbot 4 is that it changes its theme according to daytime. A full fledged white theme in the daytime while a dark user interface when the sun sets. The white theme is easier to view during the daylight while the dark interface has its own advantages.

How to Toggle Night Mode in Tweetbot 4 iPhone App

Toggle Night Mode in Tweetbot 4 iPhone App

A dark theme emits less brightness, so if you don’t want the person sleeping beside you to get disturbed, then a dark theme will surely help. There are two different options to configure for using this feature. One is automatic and another is manual.

Apart from that, there’s one more method to switch between day and night modes without going to Settings panel. That is a two fingers swipe gesture on the screen. You can either swipe two fingers down or up in Tweetbot 4 app and it will invoke day or night mode.

Toggle Day and Night Mode in Tweetbot 4 iPhone App

Two fingers swipe down will enable night mode while a swipe up will enable normal day mode. To use this swipe gestures, you will need to disable automatic switching between these two themes from Settings app.

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