Of the many under-the-hood features that Apple decided not to show off at WWDC, Siri’s ability to capture varied pronunciations of words that it finds hard to pronounce is nothing short of spectacular.

Siri does pronounce most things correctly but proper nouns are given the boot occasionally. This is so true especially if you are outside the English-speaking zone (or German, additionally).

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Apparently, you can teach Siri to pronounce the name correctly. It’s not so much of a teaching process as much as handing the correct pronunciation to Siri directly.

When Siri finds a name hard to process, it offers a couple of suggestions. You can select one of the variations. Alternatively, if Siri does not offer a variation but decides to pronounce it incorrectly, you can trigger the right pronunciation guide manually.

How to Teach Siri to Pronounce Names Correctly in iOS 7 on iPhone & iPad

Here’s How to Teach Siri to Pronounce Names Correctly on iOS 7 on iPhone & iPad:

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  • When Siri pronounces a name, you just say, ‘That’s not how you pronounce [name]’
  • Siri will ask you to pronounce/record the name for correct pronunciation
  • Once you are done, Siri processes the information
  • After a while, you get variations / options. You can pick the one nearest to the correct way of pronouncing a name

This is just one aspect of Siri that Apple wants to target to make Siri as good as Google Voice Search. However, Siri has already made consistent and considerable strides in the way it integrates with iOS 7, apps, settings and more.

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One of the few things that iOS 7 changes about Siri – besides the radically new design that mimics some aspects of Android ICS – is the access to almost all of settings via Siri. Siri can also control iTunes Radio, play voicemail, reply to calls, query Wikipedia and more.