The HDR – High Dynamic Range – feature was added to the iPhone 4. Since then, it’s a standard feature on the iPhone. Technically, a HDR photo adds more detail and data to the photo giving a higher clarity than the normal photo.

Taking HDR photos on the iPhone is easy but if you miss a few key things about HDR photography, you are not going to be impressed with the results. After all, HDR photography is attention to detail.

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Let’s start from the basic feature.

Here’s how to turn ON HDR on your iPhone.

How to Take Stunning HDR Photos On Your iPhone 5 4S 4

  • Open the Camera app
  • Tap on Options
  • Turn ON HDR

Now, as simple as it is, you can also turn ON HDR from Settings → Photos & Camera.

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Take Stunning HDR Photos On iPhone 5,4S, and 4

That’s it. Also, make sure you’ve enabled Keep Normal Photo as shown here. This helps you keep the original photo (how the photo normally is) besides the HDR copy. If HDR doesn’t look good or all that high-dynamic as it is supposed to, you can always use the normal photo.

Stunning HDR Photos On iPhone 4

Now, on taking good HDR photos.

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Taking HDR photos boils down to two things:

  • Exposure
  • Composition

A good reason to opt for HDR photos is when you are trying to capture a dimly-lit scene. Or when there are a lot of colors to capture. HDR actually boosts both the exposure and the hue so that you get a rich output in the end.

Here are some tips:

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  • Don’t go for HDR photos when a scene involves motion. (when you are moving or when the subject has moving things – like a traffic scene)
  • HDR is great at dim-lit scenarios.
  • Outdoor. HDR is great for outdoor photography. Especially those involving a lot of colors. (bright)
  • Close-ups. Although HDR isn’t all that pronounced for close-up photography, the lighting is pretty good.
  • Most importantly: keep the iPhone very stable when taking HDR photos.