How to Take the Screenshot of a Menu on Mac

When trying to explain a method more vividly or highlight specific things hidden inside a section, you may need to take the screenshot of a menu on your Mac. To let you put desired the focus on the things inside; macOS also allows you to capture the screenshot of a menu even without its title.

Capturing screenshot on Mac is pretty simple, and most of you would be fully aware of the simple method. But I’m sure, not many of you would be familiar with the ways to take the screenshot of a menu on Mac. It could be very helpful for various purposes like explaining a process.

Just in case you want to put entire focus only on the menu and don’t wish the title to show up in the image, there is also a way to get it done. Let me walk you through the quick steps.

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How to Capture the Screenshot of a Menu on Mac

Step #1. To get started, simply click the menu to reveal the contents.

Step #2. Now, you need to need to press Shift+Command+4.

Step #3. Next, drag to select menu and then release your mouse or trackpad button.

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Note: To cancel the process, press the Escape (Esc) key before releasing the button.

Your screenshot will be saved as a .png file on your desktop. [Refer this post to save a screenshot as .jpg]

How to Capture The Contents Of A Menu But Not Its Title on Mac

There is also a way to capture the contents of a menu but not its title.

Step #1. Click the menu to reveal the contents.

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Step #2. Now, press Shift+Command+4. The pointer will now look like a crosshair.

Step #3. Next up, press the Spacebar. Now, the pointer will change to the camera.

Step #4. Up next, you have to move the camera over the menu to highlight it and click on your mouse or trackpad.

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Capture Contents of Menu But Not Its Title on Mac

Now, you can head over to the desktop to check the shots you have just snapped. With the help of various editing tools like cropping and markup tools, you will be able to design the image.

Over to you

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