How to Take Screenshots in macOS Mojave

I have really liked capturing screenshot in macOS Mojave due mainly to the arrival of a neatly designed tool. There are a  couple of things that have impressed me a lot--setting a timer and selecting a location beforehand. Follow along to give this all-new tool a try!

macOS Mojave features a smart screenshot tool. You get multiple handy options like setting a timer and even pre-selecting the saving location. Clearly, taking screenshots in macOS Mojave is a better experience.

The new tool works spotlessly in letting you snap screen. Whether you want to screenshot the whole screen or capture only a selected portion of the screen on your Mac, the new macOS lets you get your work done more efficiently.

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How to Capture a Screenshot on Mac Running macOS Mojave

Method of capturing screenshots on macOS Mojave remains same like before. i.e., To capture full-screen use the combination of Command+Shift+3.

Take Screenshot of Entire Screen in macOS Mojave

And to take a screenshot of the particular portion, use Command+Shift+4 On keyboard.

Take Screenshot of Specific Portion in macOS Mojave

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However, if you wish to use a smart screenshot tool, follow below-given steps.

Step #1. First off, press Command+Shift+5 on the keyboard to quickly access screenshot toolbar.

Keyboard Shortcut to Take Screenshot in macOS Mojave

Step #2. Now, you have three options:

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  • Capture Entire Screen
  • Capture Selected Windows
  • Capture Selected Portion

Screenshot Options in macOS Mojave

Choose any of the options based on your need and the screenshot will be captured the moment you have selected the windows or portion.

What about setting a timer before capturing the screen? Keep reading…

How to Set a Timer for Screenshots on Mac Running macOS Mojave

If you like setting a timer for capturing shots, you may appreciate doing the same while taking the screenshot.

Step #1. Press Command+Shift+5 on keyboard → Click on Options.

Step #2. Now, select  5 Seconds10 Seconds or None under Timer.

Use Timer for Screenshots in macOS Mojave

How to Select a Location Before Capturing Screenshots

Mojave lets you choose the location before capturing the shot. I mean, you can select the image to be saved in your document, Mail or even Message beforehand.

Step #1. Simply press Command+Shift+5 to access screenshot toolbar.

Step #2. Now, click on Options and then select the preferred location. You have multiple options like DesktopDocumentsClipboardMailMessages, or Preview.

Select Location to Save Screenshot in macOS Mojave

Appreciate the idea of showing mouse cursor in screenshots? There is an option to get it done as well.

How to Show the Mouse Cursor in Screenshots on Mac running macOS Mojave

Step #1. Press Command+Shift+5 on the keyboard → Click on Options.

Step #2. Now, choose Show Mouse Cursor in the menu.

Show Mouse Cursor in Screenshot on Mac

Beyond snapping screenshot, you can use this same smart tool to record the screen on your Mac as well. To give it a try, head over here.

That’s pretty much it, folks!

What’s your take on this new tool? Toss up your thoughts download below in the comments.

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