How to Take a Picture on Mac Using In-Built Camera

You always have your phone with you. However, if you are sitting in your office, hoping to snap a quick picture, without lifting your phone, you may like to know how to take a picture on Mac. Don’t worry. We have you covered.

With the help of Photo Booth Mac app, you can effortlessly click a picture on Mac. You can also apply effects to the images, share them via AirDrop, or add to the Photos app. Have a look.

How to Take a Picture on Mac Using Camera

Step #1. Click on Finder from the Dock → click Applications → double click Photo Booth to open it.

Click on Finder and Then Select Applications and Open Photo Booth on Mac

Step #2. Click on the red camera icon to snap a picture.

Click Camera icon to Take a Picture on Mac

This is it. Now, there are a few things to note. By default, there is a 3 second timer and a white screen flash. If you like the timer and white screen flash, no problem. If you are annoyed, learn how to address this.

Some Tips to Take Pictures on Mac

  • Turn off Countdown: Hold the Option key while you click on the red camera shutter button
  • Disable Screen Flash: Hold the Shift key while you take the picture. You may also click on Camera from top menu bar and click on Enable Screen Flash to uncheck it and permanently turn it off
  • Disable both Countdown and Screen Flash: Hold both Option key and Shift key while you take a picture
  • Effects in Photo Booth: Click on Effects from the bottom right to use one of the various available effects
  • Take 4 Photos and Make a Collage: For this, click on the left most icon that has four squares
  • Turn off Auto Flip: Click on Edit from top menu bar. Click on Auto Flip New Items. This will prevent the auto flipping of new images you take
  • Flip an existing Photo: Click on the image from bottom row. Now click on Edit from top menu bar and finally click on Flip Photo.
  • Share Photos taken by Photo Booth: Drag the image to the desktop or a folder. You may also click on the share icon and AirDrop them or use one of the various options

Signing off…

These were the steps for taking a picture on Mac. I hope you found this how-to helpful and it answered what you were looking for.

I would request you to play with the top menu bar options for Photo Booth. You will find a few cool options like slideshow.

If you have something more to share, please mention that in the comments down below.

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How to Take a Picture on Mac

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How to Take a Picture on Mac
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