Tips to Take Perfect Selfies on iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and iPhone XR

A few simple hacks can go a long way in helping you capture fascinating shots. Jump right in to find out how you can snap stunning selfies on your iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and XR!

While snapping a selfie on the iPhone is pretty simple, not everyone knows how to capture stunning pics. Beyond the basics, many pro tricks make a decisive difference.

And if you think that your shots can still come out sharper, crisp and more elegant, we’ve jotted down some killer tips that can let you capture perfect selfies on your iPhone Xs, Xs Max or XR.

When you want your pics to stand out, you’ve got to take care of every subtle thing–both before and after hitting the shutter button. Once you’ve put these hacks into practice, chances are high that your shots will send the social media on a blitzkrieg!

15 Tips to Capture Perfect Selfies on iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and iPhone XR

#1. Take Control Of Light and Exposure

Take Control Of Light and Exposure in Camera App on iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and XR

The first thing that you should take care of is light. At times, the camera app lets more light in than required, thereby overexposing the subject.

Ensure that the light source is behind the camera. And when you are dealing with the direct sunlight, stand at an angle to avoid squinting into the sun. Moreover, be sure to keep the unwanted light sources like reflective surfaces at bay.

You can simply tap on the face to let the camera know that you are the subject of the photo. And then, simply slide your finger up and down to adjust the exposure levels manually.

#2. Make the Most of Portrait Lightning

Never fail to get the most out of the portrait lightning. Apple camera app comes with multiple lighting options that can enormously enhance the quality of your shots.

  • Natural Light: Use it to blur the background for high contrast.
  • Studio Light: Take advantage of it to brighten up facial expression.
  • Contour Light: It offers dramatic directional lighting.
  • Stage Light: Use it to separate your subject in the spotlight.
  • Stage Mono: Separate your subject in the spotlight to get the classy black and white shots.

#3. Use Depth Control for Portrait Mode

How to Use Depth Control on the iPhone Xs or Xs Max and iPhone XR

When shooting portrait selfies, I use the new “Depth Control” to adjust the background blur. More often than not, it helps me take much better pics. From what I’ve experienced, I would suggest you to always take full advantage of this advanced feature.

When capturing portrait pics, hit the focus button at the top right corner. The focus slider will now show up at the bottom of the screen. Next, you need to swipe to adjust the Depth Control level.

#4. Lock the Focus and Exposure

Lock the Focus and Exposure in Camera App on iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and XR

Another simple yet very effective way to take perfect shots is to lock the focus and exposure. Save it for the times when you want your subject to stand out.

To get it done, launch the Camera app → tap on the screen to select the part of the image you wish to focus on and expose. Then, you need to tap and hold on the focal point until the AE/AF Lock banner appears at the top of the screen.

#5. Use the volume button to take a photo

Use the volume button to take a photo on iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and XR

Try using volume buttons to snap the pics. It will let you capture photos a bit comfortably and also help you avoid the last minute shake.

Personally, I like using the volume button as the shutter button. In most cases, it delivers a slightly better result for me. Simply launch the Camera app, give a cool pose and then hit the volume button.

#6. Get The Most Out Of Burst Mode

Take Burst Mode Photo with iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and XR

Burst mode is designed to snaps a series of pics in rapid succession. It’s right on the money for not only action and sports shots but also for group selfies. Once you are ready to capture the pic, just hold down the Shutter button or Volume button to take a burst of pictures.

#7. Snap Live Selfie

Snap Live Selfie on iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and XR

Snapping Live Selfie is fun. It’s the pic that contains 15 seconds of motion before and after the still. Hence, when you touch and hold Live Photo, it comes alive.

To capture such shots, simply tap on the tiny circle icon at the top center to turn it on. And then hit the shutter button to arrest the moment.

When you don’t want to take live shots, tap on the tiny circle button at the top center to disable it.

#8. Set the Flash

Agreed, flash can at times emit a strange hue on your shots and spoil the whole thing. However, shutting off this useful feature completely wouldn’t be a good idea.

Whenever possible, get the most out of flash. It can make a decisive difference. To set the flash, open Camera app on your iPhone → tap on Flash ton → tap on On. You can set it to Auto to allow your iPhone to automatically use it when necessary.

Set the Flash in Camera App on iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and XR

#9. Go For HDR Auto

There is a reason why you should take utmost advantage of HDR mode. It stands for High Dynamic Range and allows you to capture multiple images with different exposures. And then it combines them together to carve out a photo that is well-exposed in all areas.

To take a photo with high dynamic range, Go to the Settings → Camera app → Turn ON the switch next to Auto HDR.

Turn ON HDR Auto Camera Settings on iPhone

#10. Set A Timer

The timer can come in really handy in letting you snap good-looking pics. It offers you enough time to strike a cool pose. The stock camera app allows you to set a timer for up to 10 seconds.

Open Camera app on your iPhone → Tap on the timer button → now select either 3 seconds or 10 seconds. Now, when you want to capture the photo, hit the shutter button. A countdown will start and then after the photo will be captured automatically.

Set a timer on the camera for iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and XR

There are many third-party camera apps that let you set timer up to 3 minutes. And you can fine-tune the settings to snap up to 10 images at one go.

#11. Make The Best Use of Live Filters

Best Use of Live Filters on iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and XR

Live filters can really adorn the appearance of your shots in the blink of an eye. I often use it to give the desired look to my pics. So, I’d recommend you to try them out as well.

To make the most of live filters, open Camera app on your iPhone → tap on the filter button now choose the filter you’d like to use. In the end, hit the Shutter button to snap your photo.

#12. Crop and Resize Your Shots

How to Crop Photos on Your iPhone and iPad

The stock camera app comes with a super handy crop and resize tool. So, if you ever think that your shots need some refinement, you should give it a try.

You can use the crop tool to remove the unwanted parts from your photo. There is also an option to rotate the image so that you can fix the last minute glitch with ease. And with resize option readily available, you can perfectly fine-tune your pic to fit a specific frame.

#13. Give A Shot to The Best Selfie Apps

Best Selfie Apps for iPhone and iPad

Selfie apps can spice up the entire thing. They come with loads of filters and smart editing tools to let you capture eye-catching selfies.

You can widen your smile, rejuvenate your skin, and even change your eye color. Add the glow to make your photo look glamorous and choose from many charming frames.

The option to reshape facial structure and remove the blemish can go a long way in making your shots look fascinating.

#14. Edit Your Shots Elegantly

Best iPhone Photo Editing Apps

Thanks to some powerful photo editors, refining photos on the iPhone isn’t a big ask. You can easily master the simple tools to design your pics to your heart’s liking.

So, if you wish to enhance the quality of your pics or give them some pro touch, try out apps like Snapseed, Adobe Photoshop Express, and Photo Lab. The reason why I’m rooting for them is that they boast a plethora of top-notch tools.

Whether you wish to add style your image or get rid of the blemish immaculately, they can let you get your work done with ease.

#15. Selfie Sticks

Best Selfie Sticks for iPhone Xs Max, Xs, and XR

“Selfie Sticks” can come in very handy when you want to take close up and group shots with ease. When you are on a wonderful trip with your loved ones and want to capture pics effortlessly, they would become a useful asset.

Selfie sticks come in a variety of design and they pair with your iPhone instantly via Bluetooth. Most of them can also double up as a tripod to let you shoot videos like a pro. Besides, they also come with a remote shutter so that you will able to get the desired pics with little effort.

Pro Tip: Most Significantly–Fun-Loving Reaction

It’s no secret that the selfies with fun-loving reaction get more likes and comments. Though it does sound a little crazy, never fail to give a fun-loving reaction while shooting pics.

A pranky smile, a killer wink or a bossy attitude can set the entire stage on fire! So, experiment with what can stand out for your shot before going for the kill.

Keep Snapping Hot Shots…

Assuming you’ve got all the tricks of the trade to capture fascinating pics. Have I missed on some worthy hacks? Be sure to let me know them down below in the comments.

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