How to Take Live Selfies with Retina Flash on the iPhone 6s/6s Plus

Apart from taking live selfies, your iPhone 6s Camera app gives you the pleasure of viewing & sharing those selfies. Also get to know how you can use Retina Flash while taking live selfie.

One of the best features of iPhone 6s Camera app is Live Selfies. Now users can go for a slefie-spree and upload those selfies on social media. But take note that the phone you have in your hand is the latest from Apple, and therefore, this information might come handy for you.

We would like to provide you with different uses of Camera app on iPhone 6s; take live selfies, use retina flash, view live sefies and share those selfies with your friends.

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How to Take Live Selfie on iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

How to Take Live Selfies on iPhone 6s/6s Plus

With the advent of 3D Touch feature in iPhone 6s, you would certainly like to access the selfie camera from the home screen itself, rather than using Siri or tapping on the Camera app.

Step #1. Firm press Camera app on your iPhone 6s. Four options will appear below the Camera app, and other apps will be blurred out. Take Selfie, Record Video, Record Slo-mo and Take Photo.

Step #2. Tap on Take Selfie opton.

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Tap on Take Selfie on iPhone 6s

Before taking selfie, you need to activate LIVE option ON. You can locate this option at the centre of five options given on the top of screen.

Step #3. Tap on LIVE (An icon with circle in circles pattern.)

Take Live Selfie on iPhone 6s

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Step #4. Now you can take Live Selfie.

Please note that the Live Selfies will capture 1.5 seconds before and after the selfie is clicked.

Now let’s move onto another feature of Retina Flash in iPhone 6s.

How to Use Retina Flash on iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

If you are in a place where you don’t have natural or artificial light, you can use Retina Flash in your iPhone 6s to capture a bright selfie.

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Step #1. Open Camera app on your iPhone → Switch Camera from rear to front.

Switch iPhone Camera from Rear to Front

Step #2. If the flash on your iPhone is not enabled, you need to tap on Flash icon on left when the phone is in FaceTime camera mode.

Enable Retina Flash on iPhone 6s

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The Retina Flash feature doesn’t use LED Flash; the latest technology enhances the Retina Display to release three times brighter flash than usual.

How to View Live Selfies on iPhone 6s/6s Plus

Once you have a number of Live Selfies on your iPhone 6s, you would certainly like to see those photos or maybe you love to show the selfies to others.

Step #1. Open Photos app on your iPhone 6s → Tap on Albums → Tap on Selfies.

Open Selfie Album on iPhone Photo App

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Step #2. Find Live Photos you have taken → Press firmly on the Live Photo.

On performing this action, the screen will get blurred for a second and the Live Photo will be seen. It is difficult to differentiate between Live Photos and regular photos, live Photos animate when you swipe photos in Photos app; thus you can recognize your Live Photos easily.

How to Share Live Selfie from iPhone 6s/6s Plus

In a social media era until you share your Live Selfies, you won’t be able to sleep peacefully at night. A social media geek would always share his/her selfies. So now share your live selfies with friends.

Step #1. Launch Photos app on iPhone 6s → Tap on a Live Selfie you want to share.

Step #2. Tap on the Share option from the bottom menu.

Tap on Share Sheet on iPhone 6s

Step #3. Tap on any option from the first raw of media.

Photo Sharing Options in iPhone 6s

That’s all! Get some likes and shares from your friends and loved ones.

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