Ever been in a situation when the right moment to capture just passed by when you were trying to open the camera app on your iPhone? Like your friend dropped a bottle and you just missed capturing the reaction on his face? Or when your kid made that really awesome face and the camera app was fumbling to open up? Damn, right?

Well, QuickShoot, the folks tell me, is a Cydia tweak that lets you capture instantly. Now, by my definition of the word, instantly means less than a jiffy. When I tried out QuickShoot, it wasn’t exactly instant but still, it worked. And I guess for most purposes, QuickShoot is a pretty neat way to capture photos immediately – especially at those times when you just can’t wait for the camera app to load and then you focus on the image and then tap the shutter.

QuickShoot has no settings, no features, no control tweaks to do. It’s a free app from Cydia, readily available when you look for “quickshoot” in Search. Listed under BigBoss, it takes a jiffy to get installed and once done, you can trigger the QuickShoot tweak in two ways:

QuickShoot Cydia Tweak

1. Double-tap on the camera icon on LockScreen. Or

2. Double-tap on the camera app icon on Springboard/home screen.

When you double tap the camera app, an ellipses is shown as a notification badge on the camera app. In about a second, you hear the shutter (the LED flash turns on, of course) and done! You’ll find the photo in the camera app.

QuickShoot is totally unobtrusive. There’s no interface, there’s no setting, there’s no nothing. It’s all just double-tap and bam! Your photo is ready.

Although the tweak is advertised as being instant, there’s a little lag when it initializes and then finally captures the image. But admittedly, it’s faster than having to open the camera, wait for the image preview to load and then capture. QuickShoot beats it.