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The latest update of WhatsApp has arrived with some interesting features like the ability to let you forward message to multiple chats at once, ask Siri to send message, place a call, or reply to any message right from the Lockscreen of your iPhone. But the one feature that's creating a lot of buzz is the option to tag people in a group chat.

Well, it's really nice to tag a friend in a group chat in order to instantly notify him/her about the message. The most interesting thing about it is that even if you have muted the chat, you will be notified of the messaged—-if you have been tagged. Now, you know why there is so much of buzz about it.

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How to Tag People in WhatsApp

Want to know how to tag friends in a WhatsApp group chat? Let's Find out!

How to tag People in WhatsApp Group Chat on iPhone

Note: Make sure you have updated WhatsApp on your iPhone before going ahead with the process.

Step #1. Launch WhatsApp on your iPhone → Now, head over to the group chat in question. Write any message you want to send → Next, tap on the “123” number button at the bottom left corner → Tap on @ button.

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Tap on At Icon in iPhone Keyboard

Step #2. Next up, a menu will appear on the screen containing the group members. Tap on the friend's name you want to tag → Tap on send arrow button to send the message.

Tag People in WhatsApp Chat on iPhone

That's it!

The latest version of WhatsApp supports 256 people in a group chat –up from 100.

Earlier if you didn't want to receive notifications from the group chat, you could easily mute it. But, there is no way you can escape it now if you have been tagged. I'm sure not many WhatsApp users would like it.

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