How to Switch Between Latest and Top Tweets in Twitter on iPhone and Android

Twitter has just made it easier to keep track of the most recent and trending tweets. So, based on what you wish to explore, you can tweak your Twitter timeline to instantly switch between all the latest and the top tweets.

As I like to keep an eye on all the trending news and the tweets from the sources that I follow, this neat implementation has impressed me right away. Moreover, I will no longer be scratching my head to find the outdated stories in my feed! Fun aside, let’s give this feature a try!

How to Change Twitter Timeline to View the Latest or Top Tweets

Step #1. Launch Twitter on your mobile device.

Launch Twitter on your iPhone

Step #2. Now, ensure that the Home tab is selected (at the bottom left corner) if it’s not already. Now, tap on the ✨ tiny sparkle icon at the top right corner of the screen.

Tap on tiny sparkle icon in Twitter app

Step #3. Next, a menu will pop up from the bottom. Select See latest Tweets instead.

Switch to Latest Tweets in Twitter on iPhone and Android

Now, your Timeline will refresh to show you the most recent tweets. Besides, you will also see a confirmation message about it at the bottom.

Note: One thing worth noting is that Twitter will automatically switch you back Home, in case you haven’t used the app for a while. It’s done to ensure you don’t miss out on the major stories.

If you ever decide to go back and access all of your top tweets, simply tap on the ✨ sparkle icon and choose to Go back Home in the popup.

Switch to Top Tweets in Twitter on iPhone and Android

That’s pretty much it!

Wrapping Up…

Finally, Twitter has found a better way to allow users to view the kind of tweets that they are looking for. It’s pretty straightforward and practical. Frankly speaking, along with the Lights Out Dark Mode, this one is my favorite feature.

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