Unlike iPhone, Apple Watch doesn't boast of multi-tasking feature to let you switch between multiple apps with utmost ease. That's why you have to force quit an app instead of killing it through the swipe up gesture just like iPhone.

Many a time, you would like to access the last used apps quickly without having to launch the specific apps time and again. Since there is no multitasking gesture on Apple Watch, how would you switch between apps?

How to Switch Between Apps on Apple Watch

Though not as versatile as that of iPhone, Apple Watch has its own pretty workable multitasking feature which allows you to access last used apps easily.

How to Switch Between Apps on Apple Watch

To switch between apps on Apple Watch, all you have to do is double press the Digital Crown very much like you double press the Home button on iPhone. However, you can access only the last two used apps.

This is surely a limitation and may not impress you if you expect a lot from your watch. Keeping in mind, your watch can, at most, be just an extension to your iPhone and can’t be a full-fledged replacement for it—not yet at least.

There are many tricks which you can discover on Apple Watch. We have found out some pretty useful tricks like finding the misplaced iPhone using Apple Watch, remote triggering iPhone camera with Apple Watch, etc.

We expect Apple Watch to be a lot more efficient in its next generation. What are your wish-lists for the Apple Watch 2?

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