How to Switch Between Apps on Apple TV Like a Pro User

Switching between apps on Apple TV is almost similar to app switcher in iOS. Check the below given steps and use your Apple TV like a pro.

There is no doubt that the latest Apple TV is the smartest than its predecessors. The new Apple TV has the App Store support which has enabled the world of apps to make their way on the big screen. Apart from that, the new Siri supported remote has changed the way we interact with our TV. It has never been so easy to talk with TV.

Earlier we posted about moving or deleting apps on the new Apple TV. Here we will guide you on switching between apps on Apple TV. It is very much similar to switching apps on any iOS device, thanks to the Siri remote. Check the steps below for details.

How to Switch Between Apps on Apple TV

Step #1. In order to switch between apps, you’ll need at least two apps open on your Apple TV.

Step #2. After you have opened different apps on Apple TV, double press Home button on Siri remote with quick succession.

Step #3. This will bring the app switcher window on your TV which is similar to iOS.

Step #4. Gentle swipe left or right to move around through the list of open apps.

Step #5. Now gently tap the trackpad, once you have reached the app you wish to move on.

Step #6 (Optional). Alternatively, you can also perform a swipe up gesture on the trackpad of Siri remote to force close an open app.

That’s all, guys!

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