How to Switch Apple Watch Backup from Old iPhone to iPhone 7/7 Plus

Switching your Apple Watch backup from old iPhone to your iPhone 7/7 Plus is very simple and can be done in just 7 steps. Read more to find out!

Just a few days back I bought a brand new iPhone 7 Plus. Naturally, I wanted to switch my Apple Watch backup from old iPhone to the new iPhone. Initially, I thought the process might be too lengthy, but it turned out to be quite simple.

Apple Watch has been designed to back all its data to the paired iPhone. Hence, switching the Watch data from one iPhone to the other is a bit easy. Before we start the process, please make sure to take backup of your iPhone and Apple Watch. Let’s find out!

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How to Switch Apple Watch Backup from Old iPhone to iPhone 7-7 Plus

How to Switch Your Apple Watch Backup from Your Old iPhone to iPhone 7/7 Plus

Step #1. Launch the Watch app on your old iPhone. Then tap on My Watch tab at the bottom. Now, you have to tap on your Apple Watch. (For example, Dhvanesh’s Apple Watch.)

Tap on My Watch on iPhone

Step #2. Tap on the “i” button.

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Tap on i Icon in Apple Watch from iPhone

Step #3. Next, you need to tap on Unpair Apple Watch. Tap on “Unpair Apple Watch” again at the bottom.

Unpair Apple Watch from iPhone

You will have to tap on Unpair to confirm then enter your Apple ID passwords in the popup.

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Unpair Apple Watch from Old iPhone

It will remove your Apple Watch pairing with the old iPhone. Besides, it will backup your smartphone and restore the wearable device to factory settings.

Step #3. Your smartwatch will reboot to the language screen. You have to select your preferred language.

Step #4. While setting up your iPhone 7, you need to restore from that iCloud or iTunes backup.

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Step #5. Open the Watch app on your new iPhone and get started with the pairing process.

After your device has been paired, tap on Restore from Backup. Then, you need to select the most recent backup of your Watch.

Step #6. You have to Agree to the terms and conditions. Then, sign in to your Apple ID. Press OK once you have learned about the Shared Settings. Then, you have to choose whether you want to unlock your Watch using your iPhone or not.

Step #7. Set up Apple Pay.

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That’s done!

Now, the device will take about half an hour to restore your data.

How to switch your Apple Watch from your old iPhone to new iPhone 7/7 Plus without a Backup

What if you want to switch your Watch from old iPhone to iPhone 7 without any backup? It’s just as simple.

Step #1. First off, you have to Reset your smartwatch to factory defaults. It will erase all the existing contents on your Watch. Head over to Settings → General → Reset → Erase All Content on your Apple Watch.

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Step #2. After your Watch has been restored, it will reboot to the language screen. You have to select your preferred language.

Then, you need to launch Watch app on your iPhone 7 and start the pairing process.  

Step #3. After your Watch has been successfully paired with your iPhone, tap on Set Up as New Apple Watch. Next, you need to choose either left or right to let the Watch know on which wrist you are going to wear it.

Step #4. Tap on Agree and then log into your Apple ID when asked.

Step #5. Tap on OK once you have read the information related to Location Services/Siri/Diagnostics.

Step #6. Now, you have to choose a passcode for your Watch. You have to enter the passcode on your wearable device. You have the option to choose whether or not unlock your Watch with your iPhone. Likewise, choose whether you want to install all your available apps on your Watch automatically or not. You will have to install those apps manually if you select No.

That’s it!

Now, have some patience and let your Watch sync successfully.

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