How to Switch AirPods with iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac

How do you switch AirPods with iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac? Go through this easy guide to get it done.

“AirPods” has won plenty of accolades from most quarters. What I really like a lot about it is that how easily it gets paired with iPhone and then automatically gets connected with other devices like iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac which is signed into the same Apple ID. Hence, switching AirPods with these devices is unbelievably easy.

What if you want to switch AirPods with iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Mac manually? You can get it done quickly without having to go through too many steps.

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How to Switch AirPods with iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Mac

How to Use AirPods with iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac

Switch AirPods with iPhone

Switching AirPods with iPhone is pretty simple. All you have to do is just put the earphone in your ear. There is also an option to switch them manually.

Step #1. First off, just swipe from the bottom to bring up Control Center. Then, swipe over to the now playing card.

Open Music from Control Center on iPhone

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Step #2. Tap on the audio destination button and then you need to choose your AirPods.

Switch AirPods on iPhone

There is also another way you can switch to AirPods. Simply open Settings → Bluetooth and select AirPods.

Switch AirPods with iPad

Step #1. Swipe up from the bottom to access Control Center. Then, swipe over to the now playing card.

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Step #2. Tap on the audio destination button and then select your AirPods.

(Alternately, launch Settings → Bluetooth and select AirPods.)

Switch AirPods with Apple Watch

Once you have paired your AirPods with iPhone, they get connected with Apple Watch automatically provided it’s synced with the same Apple ID and running watchOS. Switching AirPods with Apple Watch is as simple as it can ever get. Just play music on your wearable device and you are done. However, you also have the option to switch manually.

Step #1. First off, you need to swipe up from the bottom to access Control Center and then tap on AirPlay button.

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Step #2. Now, tap on AirPods.

Switch AirPods with Apple Watch

Use your AirPods with your Mac

Using AirPods with Mac is quite simple.

Step #1. To start things off, click on Bluetooth icon in the menu bar on your Mac.

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Step #2. Click on Connect and then select your AirPods.

Use AirPods on Mac

How to Customize and Configure AirPods

The best thing I like about AirPods is that you can customize them as per your convenience. As for instance, you can change their name, double tap shortcut and more. Follow this complete guide to customize AirPods perfectly.

How to Use Siri to Control Music on AirPods

Step #1. Simply double tap one of the  AirPods.

Step #2. Now, you need to ask Siri to do things like play any song, pause the song you are playing, lower volume etc.

Use AirPods with Siri on iPhone

  • Play my Favorites playlist.”
  • “Turn up the volume.”
  • “How do I get home from here?”
  • “Skip to the next song.”
  • “Pause music.”
  • “How is the battery on my AirPods?”
  • Play or pause
  • Skip back 10 seconds
  • Lower volume by 50%

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