How To Subscribe RSS Feeds in Safari on iOS 8 for iPhone/iPad

iOS 8 has RSS support in the form of Shared Links in Safari. RSS lets you automatically aggregate all the latest contents of the websites or blogs you want to read. At one single platform, you have all the articles of different blogs to read at your own leisure time.

RSS saves plenty of time as you don’t have to visit particular blogs to read their articles. Everything you want is directly collected through your Shared Links.

How to Subscribe to RSS Feed in Mac Safari

How To Subscribe RSS Feeds in iOS 8 Safari on iPhone/iPad:

Step #1. Launch Safari and open the desired site.

Step #2. Tap on Bookmarks icon from the bottom.

Bookmark Sign in Safari on iPhone and iPad in iOS 8

Step #3. Tap on @ at Shared Links tab.

Step #4. Tap on Subscriptions.

Subscribe RSS Feeds In Safari On iPhone in iOS 8Step #5. Tap on Add Current Site at bottom.

Step #6. tap on Done.

That’s it! From now onwards all the recent contents of this website/blog will be aggregated automatically within 30 minutes of being published in the Shared link tab. Most of the blogs have RSS support to make it very convenient for readers to keep themselves in sync with their most recent articles.

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How To Read RSS Feeds on iPhone

Step #1. Launch Safari

Step #2. Tap on Bookmarks icon

Step #3. Here, all the articles of particular blogs you have subscribed will be listed in their introductions. Tap on any article you want to read (Under Shared Links tab.)

You are done! It is so simple. Shared Links in Safari in iOS 8 is very similar to the RSS reader found in the Safari of OS X Yosemite. Though their names are different, they are quite like each other.

RSS is very useful for those who have to manually navigate a number of blogs to read the latest updates. And in case they are unable to find time due to some reasons, they are most likely to miss out on the recent updates.

That’s it!

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