Stop Whatsapp From Sending Read Receipts on iPhone [How-to]

Whatsapp, the world’s best and fast-growing communication medium connecting nearly 700 million people across the globe, has established very strong credentials among people. Quick transmission of messages, easy handling, and frequent updates has made it people’s first choice when it comes to communicating with friends and family.

Again, it has been updated with a new feature that will let you know that when your message was read. Before this update, you could say only that if your message was delivered (double-tick). But now can know when your message has been seen/read as well.

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How to Stop Whatsapp From Sending Read Receipts on iPhone

On the one-hand Whatsapp has been updated with the new message read-receipts feature and on the other hand, some smart folks have found out a way to prevent the app from sending read-receipts to the sender.

Here’s a smart trick to read Whatsapp messages without letting the sender know that the message has been read.

It is obvious that the blue mark (“message read mark”) will be shown when you open the app and read the message. But, there are ways through which you can read the message without letting the received tick mark become blue. Here is how:

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  • When you receive message on Whatsapp, don’t open it. Don’t tap on the notification.
  • Wait for a few seconds after you get the notification.
  • Then turn off the Data/Cellular and Wi-Fi toggles on your phone. Put your iPhone on Airplane mode.
  • Now, open the notification (or open Whatsapp and read the message.)
  • Once you’ve read it, quit Whatsapp. Just to be on the safer side, remove Whatsapp from the app switcher (background.)
  • And now turn on data network or Wi-Fi connections.

If you follow these steps, you can easily prevent Whatsapp from sending the read-receipt to the sender. Isn’t it a great idea?

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Dhvanesh Adhiya
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  1. Yes, I tried that, but after you remove the Whatsapp app switcher from the background you will no longer receive any messages at all because the message “listener” will be off. You will need to open whatsapp again to re-enable the listener and then it will automatically report the read notifications to the server, and that will be the end of it !!!

    • Hmm.. What happened in our tests here was that the ticks never turned blue till the recipient opened the message thread while on data/Wi-fi. However, this is really a cumbersome workaround and while there’s no guarantee it works universally, it is interesting :)

  2. “Smart trick” + “easily prevent Whatsapp from sending the read-receipt to the sender”.

    Not sure what instructions you were reading, but nothing simple or easy about them! And if you have to go to that much trouble, you should worry about who you’re communicating with.

  3. An extra step was needed to make it work here, after reading the message I have to delete it (holding over it for few seconds and choosing delete). Without this extra step it doesnt work.

  4. Thank you for the link… it doesn’t actually bother me. I am just surprised it as being described as smart and easy, when in fact it’s convoluted. If that’s the only option then Whatsapp may need to reconsider as it’ll upset some people.


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