How to Stop Photos Opening Automatically in Mac OS X El Capitan when iPhone or Camera Connects

If you aren’t a fanboy of Photos app on Mac, then you might consider disabling the auto-run option of Photos app. Here’s the guide to do it, check below for details.

Every one of us has experienced that when an iPhone, iPad, Camera, or SD card is connected to Mac, Photos app automatically shows up with photos on that device. This is useful for designers or artists who work with images all the time and frequently transfers pictures from their device to Mac.

For the rest of us, it is simply one more click on the mouse to close the app. This auto-run of Photos app can be easily disabled, and here we will guide on the same. Just check the tutorial given below. The guide will remain same regardless of the device you connect to your Mac.

How to Prevent Photos from Launching Automatically when Connect Your iPhone or iPad to Mac

Step #1. Connect your device to your Mac, and then wait till the Photos app shows up as always.

Step #2. Once the Photos app shows up look for “Open Photos for this device” under Import tab. It is in the top-left corner of Photos app.

Step #3. Now uncheck “Open Photos for this device” option. This will disable the auto-run feature of Photos app. You can check it again in future if you need it.

Uncheck Open Photos for This Device in Mac Photos App

Step #4. You can quit Photos app as the changes are applied instantly.

If you are using more than one device to transfer photos, then you will have to repeat this process for each device. That’s because the preferences you change is set for that one particular device.

Watch out how to stop Photos app opening automatically in Mac OS X El Capitan:

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