How to stop iPhone HDR from saving multiple photos

How to stop iPhone HDR from saving multiple photos

Is your iPhone saving two almost identical images of the same picture you click? This is due to the default camera setting that saves both the HDR and non-HDR versions of a picture. In this quick guide, let me show you how to stop iPhone HDR from saving two pictures in the Photos app.

Why is my iPhone saving multiple copies of the same photo?

iPhone camera from iPhone 4 to the latest iPhone 12 can shoot in HDR. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range that combines multiple exposures giving you a great final picture. When you are in a tricky light situation (like the bright sky with clouds, trees, houses, people, etc.), the iPhone camera takes three pictures in a fraction of a second and stitches them to create one HDR image with balanced contrast levels.

Now, your iPhone saves both copies to ensure that you can compare HDR and non-HDR versions of an image. Rarely, it may also happen that you prefer the non-HDR image. In such cases, having both versions of the same image is helpful.

But for most people, HDR image is what they like, and preventing your iPhone from saving two copies (HDR and non-HDR) can help save significant space. In this brief guide, let me show you how to prevent iPhone HDR from saving multiple copies.

How to stop HDR from saving two images in the iPhone Photos app

  1. Open iPhone Settings.
  2. Scroll down, and tap Camera.
  3. Toggle off Keep Normal Photo.
  4. Now, your iPhone will only save the HDR version and skip the non-HDR version.

    How to stop HDR from saving two images in iPhone Photos app

Note: The steps above apply only to iPhone X and earlier. On iPhone XR, XS, and later you will not see this option. You only see the option to toggle on Smart HDR, which saves one HDR picture by default. It does not save the non-HDR version.

This is how you can stop your iPhone from saving two almost similar pictures. I hope this quick guide was helpful. To learn how to click the best shots at night using your iPhone, check out our guide.

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