As we are entering the New Year, there must be some sweet and bitter memories you left behind. While the sweet memories are always good to ruminate over, it is bitter ones we want to forget. Facebook, being our favorite social media channel, provides you a feature “On This Day” or “Year In Review”.

In this feature, you can share past memories of the year with your friends on your Timeline. This could be an interesting for some and repulsive for many. Moreover, during a year, you may have falling-out with many of your virtual friends, and therefore, you don’t want to see memories with. Similarly, there are some dates that you don’t want to see memories from.

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How To Stop Facebook From Showing Bitter Memories

Thankfully, Facebook gives you a facility to filter your posts. And if you want to filter those “people” and “dates”, you need to use desktop version of Facebook.

How to Get Facebook to Stop Showing Annoying Memories

Step #1. Click and Log in your Facebook account from your Mac/Windows PC.

Step #2. Click on the link:

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Step #3. Enter your log-in ID and password.

You will see a colorful header with two options: Notifications and Preferences.

Step #4. Click on Preferences.

Click on Preferences in Facebook On This Day Memories

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A dialog box will open with two options to edit: People and Dates.

Facebook On This Day Filter Options

Step #5. Click on the Edit button seen in the first option.

Click on Edit in On This Day Preferences

Another dialog box will pop up; this will allow you to filter those posts in which unwanted people were tagged.

Step #6. Type in names of people and click Save button.

Stop Facebook From Showing Unpleasant Memories

This action will filter posts that those people are tagged in so that they aren’t shown in On This Day.

If there are specific dates that you wouldn’t like to be reminded of in “On This Day”,

Step #1. click on the Edit button seen in the second option.

Click on Edit in On This Day Preferences Dates

Step #2. On a dialog box, click on Select dates link.

Click on Select Dates You Want to Hide Facebook Memories

Step #3. Enter Start Date and End Date, and click on Done → Then click on Save button.

Hide Facebook Memories for Particular Dates

This action will filter posts from those times in your life so that they aren’t shown in On This Day.

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