How to Stop Facebook from Sharing Your Location on iPhone

You can easily stop sharing your location in Facebook from iPhone or iPad; here is a quick tip for that.


Facebook unfolds many things about us as our profile is frequently visited and seen by our friends & family; our photos, our relationship, list of friends and our interests too are open to people who are in our friends’ list.

Today we are so much occupied with social networking sites that we forget that Facebook, discretely “shares” an important part of our lives. However, I realized this later that knowingly or unknowingly Facebook is revealing my location on each status or photo I post from iPhone or iPad.

How to Stop Facebook from Sharing Location on iPhone

This is quite irritating many a times due to number of reasons. High battery consumption by location services and tags on insensible posts and events, are a few to mention. I was wandering if there is any solution to this and here is what I got.

How to Stop Facebook from Sharing Your Location on iPhone

Step #1. Open Settings → Tap on Privacy.

Tap on Settings Then Privacy on iPhone in iOS 9

Step #2. Tap on Location Services.

Tap on Location Services on iPhone

Slide downwards in the list.

Step #3. Select the Facebook app.

Tap on Facebook in Location Services on iPhone

Step #4. The screen now displays 3 options to choose from.

Never: It restricts Facebook from revealing your location.

While Using the App: It allows Facebook to use your location only when you use the app. You need no to skip the app, just come out of it and your location remains safe.

Always: It authorizes Facebook to show your location on all your posts and shares.

Turn Off Facebook Location Sharing from iPhone

You can select any one of these to keep your location as you like, while using Facebook app on your iPhone.

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