Burst mode is one important feature that Apple introduced in iOS 7. New iPhones (5 and above) can take burst mode pictures so that you can capture the right moment without having to worry too much about timing the shot correctly. A burst mode is triggered when you tap and hold on the shutter button in the Camera app.

In iOS, if you have turned on Photo Stream, all photos that you click are uploaded to your iCloud photo stream automatically. With iOS 7.1, all the photos from the Burst Mode get uploaded to the photo stream too. Unless you specifically want all photos from the burst mode to be uploaded, this doesn’t make sense. And here’s a solution.

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Stop Burst Mode Photos from Uploading to Photo Stream in iOS 7.1

In iOS 7.1, Apple gave you better control over Burst Mode photos and photo stream. Even though you have Photo Stream turned on – which means all photos you click are automatically uploaded to your iCloud photo stream – burst mode photos can be “selectively uploaded.”

How to Stop Burst Mode Photos from Uploading to Photo Stream in iOS 7.1

(Note that this is iOS 7.1-specific feature)

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  • Go to Settings → iCloud
  • Scroll down and tap on Photos
  • Turn OFF the toggle for Upload Burst Photos

iOS 7.1 How-to Prevent Burst Mode Photos from Uploading to Photo Stream

Once toggled off, all your burst photos will remain within the Camera Roll (stacked into one group). You can pick the photo you want to set as the final/favorite. But none of these photos will end up in your photo stream unless you manually share it now.

The upside of not populating your photo stream (and using up valuable iCloud space) with the burst mode photos is met by the downside of having to manually send a photo from the burst to photo stream.

This option is not available prior to iOS 7 where burst mode photos ended up in the photo stream no matter what.

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