How to Prevent Videos from Autoplaying in Photos App on iPhone and iPad

Turn of the Autoplay of Videos and Live Photos feature the keeps bugging you while browsing your Photos App.

Apple has set the bar higher than before with the latest iOS update. From revamping entire apps to adding minor details to all the existing apps. Every minute detail has been taken care of in the iOS 13 update. At the WWDC 2019, Apple introduced iOS 13 along with other Operating Systems for its different devices and claimed that it is the most feature-rich OS as compared to its predecessor. And I say, that is precisely on point.

As I am exploring this new iOS 13, I discover new features and tweaks every day, and I am amazed at the kind of attention Apple has paid to all the minor details and tweaks. I now know why they are the best at what they do.

With the revamped Photos App, Apple has also added some fantastic features like Auto Play Videos and Live Photos while browsing through your Albums. While I love this feature, some might not find it that necessary or convenient. But, there is nothing to fret over as I earlier said that Apple took all the minutest details into account. Hence, if you wish to disable the feature, keep reading…

How to Stop Auto-Play Video on iPhone or iPad Running iOS 13/iPadOS 13

Step #1. Launch the “Settings” App on your iPhone.

Step #2. Go to the “Photos.

Tap on Settings then Photos on iPhone Running iOS 13

Step #3. Toggle Off the “Auto Play Videos and Live Photos” options.

Disable Autoplay Videos and Live Photos in iOS 13 on iPhone or iPad

And it’s done.

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