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Update: This issue now has a partial fix with iOS 7.1's Perspective Zoom feature. Find out how to fix the wallpaper resize issue in iOS 7.1 here.

We wrote about a few iOS 7 tips and made a passing reference to iOS 7's wallpaper zoom effect. It looks like people are really annoyed at this feature.

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Any device that supports the parallax effect (iPhone 5s, 5c, 5, 4s and the iPads) in iOS 7 is going to give you some trouble as you try to customize the background/wallpaper. Here's why iOS 7 auto-zooms / resizes the wallpaper after you set it and how to fix this issue.

The cause of the problem appears to be the parallax effect. Turning off the parallax effect has some impact on some devices. On the iPad, when we tried to set a custom wallpaper (from our own album instead of the stock wallpapers), turning off the parallax effect reduced the wallpaper “zooming in”.

Stop Automatic Wallpaper Resize and Zoom in iOS 7

The reason iOS 7 zooms the wallpaper as you set it is because the wallpaper has to be set for parallax. This means that the wallpaper should fit outside the iPad/iPhone screen.

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You can turn this thing off by going to Settings → General → Accessibility → Reduce Motionand turning ON the Reduce Motion switch.

Stop Automatic Wallpaper Resize and Zoom in iOS 7

When you do this, iOS 7 does not produce a parallax effect. This prevents it from automatically zooming in the wallpaper when it's set.

Alternatively, if you want to set a wallpaper, have the parallax effect but still not have a zoom effect, all you have to do is make sure the dimensions of the wallpaper are more than that of the screen resolution.

Here's the resolution dimensions. Make sure your wallpapers have dimensions much greater than the ones shown here (2x would be great).

  • iPhone 5s/5c/5 – 640×1136 px (portrait)
  • iPad 4/3 – 1536×2048 px (portrait)
  • iPhone 4s – 640×960 px (portrait)

If the image isn't big enough, you can even try to add a buffer space around the image (a white or black background will do) and put the image in the center. This will take a lot of trial and error though.


Readers have suggested a variety of apps that can automate the process for you. The apps will let you add a photo and automatically resize it to make sure it doesn't get zoomed in when you use it as a wallpaper. We've not tried all the apps but they seem to be quite good at that:

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Thanks, readers!

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  • MemeeihD

    The app ‘Background Optimizer for iOS 7’ worked pretty good for me. Go check it out, it is free too.

  • Becky Munster

    Setting ‘reduce motion’ does absolutely nothing from stopping wallpapers from doing that. As soon as I try to set a picture, it just keeps zooming again.
    Reduce motion has effect on the apps. Not the wallpaper setting.
    I’m really annoyed. I can hardly ever set the wallpaper I want because it cuts off the pictures or text!

    I tried one of the apps (free one) and all that did was shrink the image and make it blurry. Sure I could finally use the picture….But it’s so low quality.
    Oh, and it also added huge coloured borders around the outside.

    Is there any solution?!

    • Becky

      My apps kept going supervised on me a’ so. Take three fingers in center of the screen and tap two times. That will return the apps back to normal.

  • Joseph Schmoe

    NONE OF THIS WORKS! I have purchased Wallax and Wallpaper Fix for IOS7, and NONE OF IT WORKS! I’ve turned off and/or on every setting in any way related, and NONE OF IT WORKS! Apple: THIS IS STUPID. We sent humans to the moon 45 years ago – FIX THIS!!

    • Perry Constantine

      Agreed, this article is completely wrong. I’ve tried all the tips in this article, yet whenever I restart my iPad, the wallpaper is zoomed in again.

    • Bryan

      background optimizer works

    • Kevin

      If you are setting your background while in landscape screen orientation, the background option tool only works in portrait mode. In essence it is requiring length x length in minimum size (2048×2048)

      Speaking of ipads… This webpage is complete crap on my ipad

  • Kaliko Wolf

    NOPE…. Completely incorrect. Turning the reduce motion option on ONLY stops the actual motion of the background when you angle the iPad/iPod etc. When you turn it, the background moves subtly. Turning on this option does NOT stop iOS7 from auto enlarging your pictures you try to set as backgrounds. That still happens. I do believe the person who wrote this article needs to educate themselves just a little more before submitting INCORRECT or misleading information to the public!! Apple needs to stop resizing out pictures. Or at least give us the OPTION to turn it off.

  • Al

    Why do I need an app to resize my wallpaper on my ipad free or not what the heck Apple? Trust me my pictures don’t need any help Apple. I like them just the way they are Apple. :(

  • Samuel Onesimus

    Correction: Its Wallax app that has more features than just a normal wallpaper fixer for iOS 7. Not Wallpaper Fix app which just fixes wallpaper resize.

  • Bernhard

    iOS 7 Wallpaper Fix is an easy and fast tool to help you solve this iOS 7 problem.

    Wallpaper Fix lets you freely resize, rotate and position your picture in order to use it as your custom iOS 7 wallpaper..

    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hm7Ja1_xym4

    AppStore: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id765059392?mt=8

    Let me know what you think.

    best regards


  • Lexii ❤

    Thank you, you’re a life saver, this was driving me crazy!

    • Feelip

      Here is a much easier way:

      check this out!!

  • Philip Park

    Here is a much easier way:

    1) Open the picture you want in the camera roll
    2A) Press anywhere on the screen other than the top or bottom menu
    2B) The picture should now appear without the top and bottom menu (black)
    3) Take a screenshot (home screen + power button)
    4) Set the “new” picture of a picture as a wallpaper

    • Caliborn1

      Did not work on ipad

    • Sarah Janet

      how does that make it any different from setting the original pic?

    • Antzboogie

      On the iPad it resizes again even after snapshot pretty weird and dumb Apple left out something so important.

      • The issue has been resolved in iOS 7.1. Check out the updated content linked at the top of the post.

        • Miles Prower

          Yeh that still dosent help :/

        • mer

          Still does not work as of 7.1.2

    • Les

      This worked for me!
      Thanks Phil.

    • Kyle

      Yo dude thank you so much. bought 3 apps that does nothing then tried your method then poof magic happened

  • Samuel Onesimus

    You can use the Wallax app to resize & scale your wallpaper on iOS 7.
    App can be downloaded here
    Check out this video on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5CVVwxzwfI

  • jadefyre

    Thanks – I have a 4s and this was very helpful. Maybe note that you must go and reset the picture in order for the zoom to take effect just in case people don’t clue in